Thursday, June 23, 2016

CPI protest rally against Ludhiana Police

Break govt., police and mafia nexus to save Punjab
Ludhiana: 23 June 2016: (Punjab Screen Bureau):

The Communist Party of India (CPI) in a rally held on 23.06.2016 at Mini Secretariat has called upon the people of Punjab to raise their voice and break the  government, police and mafia nexus to save the state from further deterioration. 
Com Kartar Singh Bowani Distt. Sec. CPI at the rally alleged that it is now a well known fact that all sorts of mafia including the drug mafia, sand mafia, land mafia  are being  propagated and supported by the government and protected by the police at the behest of their political masters. He referred to the statement of the former DGP Prisons Shri Shashi Kant at a national TV channel that he had several times brought the issue to the notice of the government  about the involvement of senior politicians and police officers in the drug peddling but no serious cognizance has been taken.  

Com D P Maur – Astt. Sec. CPI said that it is a sorry state of affairs that the police is working in a totally partisan non professional manner succumbing to the blatant political interference and the pressure of influential people. Therefore the law and order situation is continuously worsening. No citizen feels safe even during the day time.  He said that law and order in the state has deteriorated to the worst level ever because the police has become a virtual tool of the political masters. This is dangerous for the democratic setup. 

Dr Arun Mitra – Assistant Secy. CPI Ludhiana said that the people are so much afraid that they do not want to go out at night because of the fear of the anti social elements. This is particularly so in the outskirts of the city where the poor workers live. Much needs to be done to control the law and order. The drug peddling is at its peak and large number of youth is being lured and forced into drug abuse. Once they get addicted they are forced to commit crime. People do not report about the peddlers to the police because they fear that their confidentiality will be maintained. The case of Abhishek son of Dr Banerjee is still fresh in the minds of the people. He demanded that death due to drug abuse should be considered as a murder because no person wants to die because of drug but he pushed into such situation by the peddlers. 

Com Ramesh Rattan – City Secy said that mafias in Punjab were unknown till a few years back when the Akali BJP government started patronizing them. There are gangs in the state who could be  used to kill any opponent. The hue and cry by the government, the Akali Dal and their outfits and also by the outfits of the RSS against the film “Udta Punjab” has thoroughly exposed them. But the people has now understood their designs and they would be soon shown the door. 

Com Gurnam Singh Sidhu – Asstt. Secretary of the city unit of the party said that already there are 18 cases which he has brought to the notice of the police but no justice has been done instead the police is supporting the accused in many cases. 
Others who addressed the include Comrades Kewal Singh Banwait, Valaiti Khan, Gurnam Gill, Chamkaur Singh, Kuldeep Singh Binder, Randhir singh, Tiger Singh

For more detail contact  CPI leader Comrade Gurnam Sidhu M:9216810244

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