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Start a nationwide moment against drugs “Drugs Quit India”

Dr. Dewan has plan to move a resolution
Ludhiana 26 June 2016: (Punjab Screen Bureau):
On the occasion of International Day Against Drug Abuse, Dewan Hospital and Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery Center and Freedom Fighters Successors Organization of India ( Pb ) organized a seminar at Dewan Hospital, Ludhiana.

The seminar was attended by prominent doctors like Dr Rajeev Gupta, Dr Amarjeet Kaur who spoke on the occasion. Dr Rajiv Gupta gave details of drug menace playing havoc with the families of the youth of Punjab. He narrated many stories of young and promising youthful students falling into the drug trap and dying or becoming slave of drugs. He said that the life span of a drug victim is drastically reduced and they are likely to die in less than a decade. They fall victim to other diseases like AIDS, Hepatitis C etc and loose interest in life and purposeful activities. Dr Rajeev Gupta said that the drug mafia is being controlled by rich and powerful persons who have no respect and regard for human life.
Dr Narotam Dewan in his speech presented a paper on the causes and solution to drug menace in the state and the country.
The paper presented by Dr Narotam Dewan:

1.  Failure to develop engaging social and cultural activities – Fed by green revolution, industrialization and NRI money Punjab progressed economically so rapidly that social progress could not keep pace with it. Cheap availability of migrant labour left landlords wondering what to do in their free time. At the same time large numbers of landless families are facing problem to make two ends meet and wondering what to do.

This mixture of affluence and poverty has pushed youth to drugs, those who have spare money flaunt taking drugs and those who are not are becoming drug peddlers to have drugs for killing their depression. Absence of social, cultural, sports in the daily routine of youth has created a vacuum which has pushed them to drugs for killing time and enjoying.

Solution to this may come if every school, college, village committee and elected councilors organize sport activities, seminars, debates, singing and dancing activities, book reading and discussion groups, on daily basis every evening. This will channelize the energy of youth and give it proper direction. The infrastructure and manpower is available but not being used.

2.  Lack of Proper Education - Education is meant to develop the personality, character of a child. So that the child comes out to be a physically, mental and socially healthy being ready to meet the challenges of life. It will not serve its purpose if it is tailored to make a person into a machine for earning money. Education about leading a good life in our traditional system of joint families use to flow from grandparents. This blessing is lost due to nuclear family system in force now. Schools, colleges and social media are the only teachers today.

So, there is need to tap the schools and colleges to impart the education which was otherwise imparted in families. Regular periods on health, sports and religious/moral education must be introduced. Good and uncontroversial teachings of all religions should be taught educational institutions on daily basis.

3.  Break down of law and order and insatiable greed of people – The business of drugs and narcotics pays very rich dividends to its masters. They do not have to pay any taxes as this is an activity in the black. They have protection of the ruthless international, national and state mafia, terrorist and spy agencies from abroad. They have no respect or love for human dignity, human life, country, state, society, race etc.. With the black money hoarded by these mindless demons, they purchase many politicians, policemen, judiciary persons. They raise a parallel army and police of well-armed goons who are at their back and call to attack and illuminate their opponents. These people are difficult to identify as they are from among us. In disguise they have built their networks by employing unemployed, poor, criminal and greedy people to run this trillion rupee drug business.

Innovative, strong, honest, national level force against this cuscus is the need of hour to identify, book and bring to justice these demons who are eating away the strength of our youth like white ants from within. Unless there is a political will on the highest level to save our country from this covert invasion by our neighboring countries and criminal greedy Indians associated with them, Indian culture civilization and Nation will die a slow but sure death.

Dr Narotam Dewan said that there is need for fundamental changes to deal with this problem destroying the lives of Indian youth Dr Dewan said that Punjab has come to the notice of international drug syndicate and the countries inimical to India as a prosperous state. Dr Dewan said that it is the duty of every Punjabi to start a war against the drugs and drug mafia. He said that Punjabis had been in the forefront to stop Alexander the Great, Mohamad Gaznavi and Ahmed Shah Abdalli etc and this time also will come up to the occasion and save their next generation from the claws of the demons dealing in drug. . Dr Dewan suggested following measures.
1. To create an agency like INA to investigate the culprits behind the menace, book them and bring them to justice.
2. Create subjects of health and have a daily period in all classes of schools and colleges to inculcate healthy living habits in youngsters.
3. To create a period of religious education in schools and colleges where good teachings of all religions are taught to the students on daily basis.
4.. To have daily periods of sport for all students to channelize the energies of the youth in constructive activities.
Dr Dewan said that he will move a resolution in the national convention of Freedom Fighters Successor Organization of India to start a nationwide moment against drugs “Drugs Quit India”.
Mr Raman Goyal, President Helping Hand Club and Mr Bharat Joshi, secretary of Helping Hand Club and Mr Pardeep Sharma, Secretary of Indian Peoples Theater Association, Mr Vijay Chiba, President Freedom Fighters Association, Ludhiana, Mr Gurdeep Singh social activist and writer spoke on the occasion.
Staff of Dewan Hospital sang a Punjabi song against Drugs abuse.
Mrs Neeta Dewan, Director, Dewan Hospital thanked the guests for sparing time from there busy schedule to participate in the event.

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