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Fascistic Offensive Growing

Wed, Jul 20, 2016 at 12:55 PM
CPI NC Calls For United Resistance To Combat

New Delhi: 18 July 2016:(Punjab Screen Bureau):
The National Council of the Communist Party of India that concluded its three days session here in Party headquarter Ajoy Bhavan on July 17, has noted with serious concern the growing fascistic offensive, both politically and economically, of the Narendra Modi government and has called for concrete initiatives to organize united resistance by uniting all Left, democratic and secular forces. It has also urged the Party rank and file to organize ideological campaign to counter the Sangh Parivar offensive fully backed by the Union Government.
The National Council meeting preceded by the two days meeting of National Executive was presided over by Dr. Nara Singh, secretary of Manipur State Council of the Party. General Secretary of the Party Com. S. Sudhakar Reddy piloted the main document on political and economic developments during past six months since last National Council meeting in January held at Guntur in Andhra Pradesh. The report was earlier processed by the National Executive.
The report has analysed various economic policies that are being pursued by the Modi government and concluded that with clear right ward shift in politics and economy there is the apprehension that these developments may sow the seeds of fascistic shift in the country with ongoing destruction of secular-democratic fabric, handing over the economy to corporates and International finance capital and pushing the country’s foreign policies in the laps of imperialists, particularly the US-Israeli clique.
In the economic sphere, the National Council has particularly noted the relaxation in FDI norms, downward trend in all economic indicators, wavering in industrial growth, fall in GDP, growing unemployment and concluded that the country’s economy is deteriorating continuously.
The National Council has also expressed concern on various destructive and divisive movers of the government like privatization and saffronisation of education, pushing the health care out of the reach of the common people, penetration of Sanghis in all spheres of governance, destroying autonomy of higher educational institutions and other cultural entities.
The threat to our secular democratic system and economic independence is so great that it could not be fought by one or two political parties. We have to unite all secular-democratic forces. Such unity and joint action could be developed on different fronts with different political forces on specific demands.
The National Council also reviewed the assembly elections held recently. While congratulating the people of Kerala for the resounding victory of Left-democratic front, the National Council expressed disappointment over the failure of the Left in other four states.
As there are elections in six other states next year, the National Council resolved to start preparations from now onwards. Particular emphasis will be on organistional preparedness of the Party. Politically the party will adopt electoral tactics on the basis of emerging situation in each state.
The National Council adopted several resolutions including one on worsening situation in the State of Jammu and Kashmir.
For immediate purpose the National Council has laid down following tasks.
1. Organize demonstrations, dharnas on 17th August 2016 against price-rise, against FDI in nine sectors and demanding relief to drought affected areas.
2. Support the 2nd September 2016 working class national strike and make it a success.
3. Implement decisions on Party organisation of Chandigarh National Council meet.
4. Strengthen mass fronts and provide necessary help.
5. Organise state level, district level conventions, and seminars on secularism and against intolerance. Print booklets and publish articles.
6. Start preliminary preparations for elections in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Manipur, Goa and Gujarat.
7. Solidarity day with Bastar tribals to be observed in September, demanding to stop repression on tribal people.

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