Sunday, December 11, 2016

CPI Ludhiana meet on demonetization

Failed in bringing black money through demonetization
Frustrated Modi utters lie after lie
Ludhiana: 11 December 2016: (Punjab Screen Bureau):
Prime Minister Modi’s statement while addressing a public meeting yesterday that the things will ease slowly slowly slowly after 31st December has shown is a reflection of frustration and realization of failure in unearthing black money through demonetization. This was stated by Com Kartar Bowani, Secretary of CPI District Ludhiana while addressing the general body meeting of the party held under the chairmanship of Com O P Mehta.  Modi’s statement that he is not being allowed to speak   in the Parliament is not only irresponsible but a blatant lie unexpected of a person holding such high position. It is clear like the day that the opposition has been demanding the Prime Minster to give statement in the Parliament but he is running away from it. Addressing the meeting Assistant Secretary of the district party  Dr Arun Mitra said that this is another false dream being shown to the people by the BJP government that from 1st January onwards a new India will be born where there will be happiness all over. But in reality they things are going to get worse, unemployment will increase and the country will be pushed towards deep economic crisis.  Failure in providing sufficient currency to the banks particularly the public sector banks the government is trying to put divert the people’s resentment towards the banks. Now the whole focus is being shifted from the black money to cashless transactions. I t is not possible for the small vendors and hawkers to install swipe machines, he said. Even the world’s most developed country the US has only 40% economy in cashless. Nothing is being said about controlling the black money in stock market, foreign banks and gold and real estate which have 95% of black money. In reality this    whole exercise has been undertaken to collect ordinary persons savings and lend these to the corporate sector at low lending rates. The claim of the government that terrorism will be controlled with this move is a total hoax as there is no let up in terrorist activity since 8th November. The meeting decided to hold rallies in all towns of the district on this issue. Among others who participated in the discussion include Com D P Maur, Ramesh Rattan, Gulzar Goria, Gurnam Sidhu, Gurnam Gill, Bharpur Swaddi, Surinder Jalaldiwal, Kewal Krishan, Kuldip Binder. Com Surinder recited a revolutionary poem. For more photos click here

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