Monday, June 17, 2013

Another child gets new lease of life at CMC

Cherubic Child With Heart Disease from the valley
Ludhiana, 17th June, 2013:(Shalu Arora and Rector Kathuria):Mr Mohd Hanif and Mrs Noorbano of Srinagar are extremely happy parents today. Their lovely angelic child – Baby Rakina – aged 2 years was suffering form a major heart defect (large hole in the heart) which was damaging her heart and lungs. Rakina was not growing according to their age and would get recurrent infections. She would land up in the emergency room of the hospital in J & K time and again. The parents were told that Rakina needed an early heart surgery. However Mohd Hanif – a labourer was unable to collect the money required. He was then were referred to Dr Harinder Singh Bedi – Head of Cardiac Surgery at the CMC & H Ludhiana. On investigation it was realized that only a major open heart surgery could save Rakina as her heart was close to its terminal condition. Dr Bedi who has had advanced training in the treatment of such cases at the Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children in Australia said that if untreated the lungs of such children get damaged beyond repair . In co-ordination with the Director – Dr Abraham G Thomas and Dr Jugesh Chattwal Prof and Head Paediatrics – it was decided to perform the high risk case under the Gift of Life scheme funded by the CMC Alumni USA and the UMSF USA.

A major heart surgery was done wherein Rakina’s body was placed on a heart lung machine, the heart stopped and put on ice and the hole in the heart repaired. Dr Bedi said that there were some tense moments when the heart lung machine was stopped. However by Gods grace – Rakina’s heart recovered immediately. Dr Chattwal said that Rakina’s heart is now normal and she can now lead a normal healthy life. The other members of the team during the marathon surgery were Dr S Garg, Dr Melchi, Dr Allen, Dr Anish,Dr Aradhana, Dr Shipra and Dr Neethu  . The delicate control of the heart lung machine was done by Mr William and Mr Jairus.

Dr Abraham G Thomas – Director of CMC said that the Institute is fully geared to take care of such children with heart defects. Dr Bedi told that it was only because of the strong backup of the CMC faculty and infrastructure that most of the heart defects could be safely treated in CMC.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Worker on the Bahadarke Road stabbed

AITUC demanded immediate arrest of culprits 
                                                                                                                                                                               File photo
The all India Trade Union congress (AITUC) has demanded immediate arrest and strict action against the culprits who stabbed a worker on the Bahadarke Road. Addressing a rally of thousands of workers today at the Bahadarke Road today Com. D P Maur- general Secretary Joint Council of Trade Unions Ludhiana said that the law and order situation is very bad in the city and maximum brunt of the situation is to be borne buy t he poor workers who have to go for duty in shifts at any time of the day or night. The police has failed in its duty to provide security to the citizens particularly the workers.  Not only that the labour laws are flouted with impunity and the poor workers do not get their dues or health or other social security benefits. Dr Arun Mitra- Asssistant Secretary of the Communist Party of India (CPI) demanded that there should be 24 hour police patrolling in the area which should not remain just on the main road but in the street and  mohallas. The workers should be issued identity card by the employers so as to avoid harassment by the police while checking. Com Kuldip singh Binder- member district council of the  CPI said that if the culprits are not arrested by tomorrow the agitation will be intensified. Com Feroze Master – General Secretary of the Hosiery workers union said that the workers of the area would not take rest till the culprits are taken to task. Com Shafiq also addressed the rally and appealed to workers to continue their peaceful agitation for security, social security benefits and implementation of labour laws in letter and spirit.  
D P Maur

General Secretary

Joint Council of Trade Unions

Mobile: 94176022333