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Magic of Acupuncture is rising throughout the World

Tuesday 14th February 2023 at 09:47 PM 

Dr. Inderjeet Dhingra explained the miracles of this therapy

Ludhiana: 14th February 2023 (Special Medical Feature)

After Consultaion with Dr. Inderjeet Dhingra by Punjab Screen Desk

Acupuncture is a wonderful treatment that is done with needles only,  there is no need of surgery or medicinal therapy. 

The technique of inserting needles in the human body is termed as acupuncture therapy. 

The search for this mode of therapy began by the Chinese doctors after the independence in the year 1949 and now this therapy is not used only in China but also approved in the other parts of the world. This mode of treatment started in 1958 in India by Dr. Vijay Kumar Basu in kolkata, who was a member of the the medical mission to China in 1938. He formed a committee in India in the memory of Dr. Kotnis and started teaching acupuncture to other young Indian doctors as a result of which various acupuncture centres are currently running in the different states of the country. In North India first indoor acupuncture hospital started in the year 1975 which is run by Dr. Inderjit Singh Dhingra and patients not just from punjab but also from various other states come for the treatment in this hospital. 

This therapy is based on the energy in human body which flows from one end to another in the body and is maintained in balance for 24 hours in the body. When there is disturbance in this balance of energy,  the disease state arises. Ying and yang are the two of opposite energies which are kept in balance in the human body by acupuncture therapy. There are specific meridians of the body in which needles are penetrated for different diseases which have a great effect in maintaining our body energy levels .

This mode of therapy has been recognized first in the year 1996 in West Bengal and then in 2017Maharashtra. 

This therapy has also been considered as an independent mode of therapy by the government of India in the year 2019.

Acupuncture has been proved to be very successful in treating diseases like asthma, joints pain,  cervical spondolytis,  anxiety,  frozen shoulder,  arthritis,  lung infections , insomnia,  facial paralysis, trigeminal neuralgia and many grave diseases which have no permanent cure in modern medicine.

Acupuncture has proved to be safe,  economical, successful and a permanent therapy for the diseased individuals. 

For the development of acupuncture in india, medical colleges providing degree and diploma courses will be opened in the coming years which will help the young ones to learn this therapy and provide good health to the countrymen. 

The world health organization has also recognised this therapy and has aimed towards the development of acupuncture for providing good health to the people.

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