Friday, September 23, 2022

Free Movement Should be allowed to Amritdhari Sikhs

23rd September 2022 at 03:53 PM

Deputation called on the Deputy Commissioner 

Chandigarh: 13th September 2022: (Kartika Singh//Punjab Screen)::

Unity in diversity is the specialty of India and now this trend is gaining strength all over the world. Tilakdhari, Trishuldhari, Tir Kaman Dhari, and Kripandhari used to travel together even a few decades ago. They used to eat and drink together. The arms if ever raised, were raised only for self-preservation or for the protection of the oppressed. With the exception of conspiratorial mischiefious doings during the last few decades, there has never been any complaint from the Singhs or the Singhs' Kakaars. Inspite of this sometimes Sikh students are stopped while entering schools and colleges. Sometimes they are stopped at a place like the airport and sometimes at some other places as well. Recently, an amritdhari youth was arrested at Fatehgarh Sahib. We are printing the related photo, which has been taken from the internet as a reference with this news. All these incidents have a bad effect on the Sikh mentality. Central Sri Guru Singh Sabha has taken serious notice of this. The Central Singh Sabha, which has been active for a long time to remove filth in society and politics, has also met with the Deputy Commissioner along with selected Sikh representatives.

Amritdhari (Baptised)  Sikhs Wearing constitutionally sanctioned symbols like sword be allowed free movement at Public Places. 

A deputation of prominent Sikhs today called on The Deputy Commissioner and demanded that Sikhs symbols should be allowed free movement at public places. Five symbols were religiously sanctioned for sikhs at the creation of Khalsa by Guru Gobind Singh in 1699.   

The Article 25(2) (b) of the Constitution has given right to the Sikhs to carry kirpans and wear other symbols. Article 25 also grants right to freedom of conscience and to profess, practice and propagate religion.

Despite this, Giani Kewal Singh, former Jathedar Takht Sri Damdama Sahib, was not allowed to travel in the Delhi Metro. Several court verdicts have endorsed, that five symbols are essential for the Sikhs. 

Only last year, the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) allowed aircraft passengers to wear kirpans. Employees working in domestic or international terminals, were not be allowed to carry Kirpan. But recently Sikh employees were allowed to wear Kirpan. Unfortunately security personnel have been stopping Amritdhari Sikh passengers at metro stations and airport.

Similarly, in competitive exams like NEET, JEE and school board exams, Sikh students wearing the kirpan were forced to take off the kirpan. This has resulted in embarrassment, mental torture, loss of dignity of the Sikhs besides injuring the religions sentiment of the Sikh community as a whole. 

The memorandum requested the government to investigate incidents where Sikhs with symbols were harassed and ensure that such incidents should not occur in the future.

Signature at the memorandum Dr. Khushhal Singh, (General Secretary) Jaspal Singh Sidhu, Incharge Sikh Media Center, Chandigarh, Dr. Pyara Lal Garg, Gurjot Singh Sahni, Chandigarh Gurudwara Organisation, Parmjeet Singh, Sikh Misnery college (Chandigarh), Gurnam Singh Sidhu and Rachhpal Singh. 

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Report adverse effects of drugs online:

Friday 23rd September 2022 at 12:05 AM

One week important programs in CMC

Ludhiana: 23rd September 2022: (Kartika Singh//Punjab Screen)::

Adverse drug reaction (ADR) monitoring centre of CMC, Ludhiana concluded one week programs in training doctors, nurses and pharmacists in reporting ADR of various medicines using the available tools like toll free helpline number 1800 180 3024 of Pharmacovigilance Program of India (PvPI), ADR PvPI app or submitting one page ADR form to ADR centre of CMC, Ludhiana. The series of program are part of annual week of PvPI (Nov 17-23), which is being run under aegis of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt of India. Dr. William Bhatti, Director, CMC inaugurated the prize distribution session and quiz on ADR. Dr William interacted with budding doctors to inculcate the culture of reporting ADRs in routine practice. He awarded First prize in e-poster of ADR to Sia Datta who designed poster on  theme of the week “Encouraging reporting of ADRs by patients”. Dr. Jeyaraj D Pandian, Principal, CMC highlighted the importance of reporting ADRs especially for all new drugs to improve patient safety. Dr. Dinesh Badyal, Vice Principal (Med Edu) & Coordinator of ADR centre informed that CMC centre has been reporting ADRs from CMC and nearby institutes for 11 years. Dr Badyal informed that patients can also report ADRs by using forms available in 10 local languages from website mandates/pvpi/pvpi-updates.html. Dr. Badyal and Dr. Prabhjot Kaur, Patient Safety Pharmacovigilance Associate in the centre imparted hands-on training on filling & submitting ADR forms. The ADRs forms collected are contributed to national centre in Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission which are further contributed to WHO database. They informed that doctors can also access detailed information on ADR of drugs on The quiz VigiBuzz 2022 on ADsR is won by Riha Gupta and Ishita Gupta. 

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Now again a protest against a builder in Mohali

23rd September 2022 at 3:45 PM

Residents of Preet City Housing warned of big action

Warning to surround local MLA's houses in front of media

Builder accused of not providing basic facilities

If this condition is near the capital then what will happen to the rest of Punjab

Officials of Preet City Housing Society addressing the press conference 

Mohali: 23 September 2022: (Gurjit Billa//Karthika Singh//Input-Punjab Screen Desk):

On the one hand, big politicians and rich people in the country were engaged in building farm houses of many acres at many places, then at that time itself there was a danger that there might be a serious crisis of living land for the general public. After all, when this crisis started coming to the fore in a serious form, builders came out like angels.

Those who used to show flats of many floors in TV serials and films, their presence started appearing in Punjab also. Colonies like big societies, hi-fi security system at the gate, sparkling lights, swimming pool inside the society, club, community hall and many more outdoor facilities too. Totally dazzling lights.

For those who had forgotten to sleep peacefully in the bullets going on in the streets during the era of terrorism, for them all this was nothing less than a supernatural atmosphere. This is where the boom in this business started. Big people and big officers came and entered it. Big advertisements in newspapers and big claims in advertisements. These advertisements and claims quickly attracted people. People put their deposits in making this dream come true. Every rupee added to hard earned money was invested. When the investments were lacking, they completed this amount by selling jewelry. Even then, if there were any lack in paying the whole amount, then they have to take the loan.

This thought was not accidental, in fact it is every person's dream to build a house by adding every rupee of his hard earned money. A similar case was put forth by the residents of Preet City Housing Society Sector 86, Mohali by buying a flat in the same society, due to lack of facilities, this decision has become a headache for them. Even after having several meetings with all the political level officials and ministers of political parties, there is no electricity and water in the area. These views were expressed by Preet City Housing Society, Sector 86, Mohali President Daljit Singh and General Secretary Sanjay Gupta during a press conference at Mohali Press Club today.

Daljit Singh said that the government has established Preet City Housing Society, Sector-86, S.A.S. Nagar, Mohali. It was approved for the mega project in the year 2005. Only after this approval, almost all the residents have registered themselves after purchasing residential/commercial flats and the due payment has been made as per the demand of the developer. In the year 2012, in addition to the value of plots at the rate of Rs 3333/- per square yard for residential flats and Rs 7232 per square yard for commercial plots, an amount of crores of rupees was deposited on the demand of the developer. Sanjay Gupta told that he has deposited EDC charges of Rs 7200 hundred per yard for commercial plot and Rs 60-70 crore for residential plot. A total of 1200 plots have been made in the society, in which more than 250 houses are not being given electricity connection. At this stage expensive electricity had been brought up through candles or generators. He said that the officials of the electricity department and the developer have mutual understanding. The developer has demanded a NOC of 30-50 thousand rupees for giving electricity connection. Society member Rajwinder Kaur emotionally said that she is living in complete darkness and is forced to live a life like hell even after depositing lakhs of rupees. GMADA is sending her a notice to vacate the plot. Deputy President Satnam Singh said that every person dreams of building a house by adding every rupee of his hard earned money. This case was brought up by the residents here as they are regretting their decision of buying a flat in this society, which unfortunately had become a headache for them.

All the residents of the society are forced to live a life like hell in the state of despair and it has become difficult for them to live in this society due to lack of basic facilities. They announced that they are fed up with the officials and ministers. If their demands weren't met, they might have to protest in front of the houses of the local MLAs. Inderpal Singh, Malkit Singh, Lakhwinder Singh, Harjit Singh and Kanwar Singh Gill were present on the occasion. Developer Charan Singh Saini said that 70 per cent of the plot owners are defaulters and all of the facilities cannot be provided until full payment has been made. He further added that many of them haven't passed their maps from GMADA. Houses have been built without approval, due to which water and electricity connections are not available till date.

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