Tuesday, April 29, 2014

AAROHAN: Eye Donation Awareness Campaign

70 people have taken pledge 
Ludhiana: 29 April 2014: (Punjab Screen Bureau): 
Jyotsana Dhingra, with few of her friends (Parminder Kaur, Gopi, Deepika Dhingra, Kartar Singh, Bikram Singh, Karan Narula) made a voluntary group named AAROHAN. We organised five days eye donation awareness campaign from 24th april to 28th april with the help of DMC&H in the city. We've covered Rakh Baag, PAU, Gurudwara Shaheedan Pheruman and Rose garden.
In the campaign, we make the people aware about Eye Donation, cleared their Myths and provided EYE DONOR CARDs to the willing people on behalf of their pledge.
Till now, 70 people have taken pledge and we made hundreds of people aware regarding this.

Everyone to use their right to vote

Tue, Apr 29, 2014 at 1:10 PM
Dr. Narotam Dewan and hospital staff pledged to vote
Ludhiana: 29 April 2014: (Punjab Screen Bureau):
On the occasion of Parliamentary Elections 2014, Dewan Hospital & Advanced Laparoscopic Sugery Centre, Dewan Jagdish Chandra ( first MLA of Ludhiana ) Memorial Society and Freedom Fighters' Successors' Organization of India  urge everyone to use their right to vote to elect a Government which is " By the people and For the people of India". On this occasion we give them the slogan
" Use Your Right to Take India to New Height "For thousands of years India had been enslaved by foreign invaders who exploited the rich wealth of India, used its youth as slave animals, raped the females, wounded and killed anyone who tried to raise her/his voice for making our land free from the exploitation from these brutal, greedy, blood-monger persons who occupied the seats of power in our country due to our weaknesses of infighting, collaboration for piety gains, caste system and superstitions.

Freedom of India was attained by innumerable sacrifices made by our ancestors. The freedom fighter Indians were bereft of their lands and businesses, imprisoned, hanged, sent to Kala Pani, false cases were registered against them, they were beaten mercilessly. Our present freedom is standing on the blood, bones and sufferings of our freedom fighters.

We should not loose the opportunity offered by elections which gives us power to elect the people to govern us. Remember vote for those who want to serve our great country and not make us slaves or exploit our resources for their own gains.

Vote for India, Vote for Your freedom, Vote for a Government that serves the people of India. Vote for India.

Jai Hind

Dr Narotam Dewan
Director, Dewan Hospital & Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery Centre,
President, Dewan Jagdish Chandra (First MLA of Ludhiana) Memorial Society,
General Secretary, Freedom Fighters' Successors' Organization of India.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

With Tremendous Response from Voters

Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 10:08 PM
Campaign Ends on High Note
Vows to continue challenging the Modi-fied Politics and Expose the Corruption of NCP
Photo Courtesy: I love India
As the campaign for the 16th Lok Sabha draws to a closure today, the campaign witnessed tremendous response from wide range of people in the Mumbai North East constituency. This response and the large number
of issues emerging is also because of the failure of Corporator, MLAs and MP in discharging their duties as elected representatives. None of them taken any steps to curb the fundamental corruption involved in the projects. There has not been any attempt to policy making focussing amenities and housing. People’s response to our campaign was because of we raising these issues in the past years and because of their faith in our continuous work on those issues.
Out of my nearly 40 years of work, the 17 years I worked in Mumbai has given me an inside out knowledge about the basic issues of the constituency. This election is important for us, as we seek larger representation of people in decision making and to continue raise those issue with more strength and vigour. Hence we make a pledge to
implement all national level commitments by Aam Aadmi Party in its Manifesto and in the Mumbai Manifesto. Further, we issue a Mumbai North East specific prime issues pledging that we will leave no stone unturned to fulfil those. We also reiterate that all our efforts will be participatory, transparent and accountable, involving the people of the constituency across the caste-class-creed-gender differences, and political ideologies.

Hence we appeal to the voters to join us in these efforts, with their strengths and commitment, to bring in change and make our city corruption free. We will achieve this together with participation of people from all walks of life, contribution of professional skills and inputs from experts.

Modi’s lies and threat to not just secular fabric, but even dalits, adivasis and downtrodden

In a rally addressed by Modi in Mumbai yesterday he said that "Maharshtra would get electricity worth Rs 400 crores for free if the project (Sardar Sarovar Narmada project) was completed." The blatant lie repeated for the second time in this election season is another attempt t to mislead the people. Maharashtra, which has also
sacrificed a few thousands crores of revenue, by submergence of 33 hilly adivasi villages, will lose 9500 ha of land, parts of it are forests, in the Sardar Sarovar Project (SSP). Additionally she spends Rs.3000 crores in proportion to the 27% of power from the project. SSP is an interstate project, with financial commitment by each of the party states. How can then the power be free to Maharashtra?

While Modi builds his campaign on lies and twisted facts, he poses a serious threat to the secular fabric of the country. By his silence isn’t Modi supporting Vishwa Hindu Parishad's (VHP) president Pravin Togadia’s communal venom in Bhavnagar by saying “evict Muslims from Hindu areas”?

His outlook towards the dalits and socially marginalised is evident from his reported statement sometime earlier where he, observed while releasing his book Samajik Samrasata, that dalits were like mentally retarded children. What an irony, somebody who does not respect the dalits and marginalised writes a book with its title Samajik Samrasata (Social Equity)!

Last year, The Gujarat High Court ordered the Gujarat government to strictly adhere to the Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of) Forest Rights Act, 2006, and the rules framed thereafter under this central Act. The order came on a public interest litigation (PIL) by a group of NGOs, which said the state
government was violating the provisions of the Act in deciding the claims of tribals and had arbitrarily rejected more than one lakh such claims.

It will be a figment imagination, generated by aggressive advertisement that Modi with a proved track record for being anti poor, anti dalit, anti adivasi and minorities could lead the country which is built on the foundations of secularism, tolerance and respect to each other.

We will stand by dalits, who apart from asserting their identity and dignity, faces the challenge of getting the basic rights, as upheld in the Constitution, as envisioned by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. The positive discrimination and reservation will be implemented only when they stand united.

If Modi around, can NCP be far behind?

We will challenge the corrupt party NCP, who are involved in scams worth thousands of crores. Some of them include, irrigation scam, Gosikhurd canal scam, sugar factory scam, even the former Member of Parliament seem to have contributed to corrupt practices in using the MPLAD funds. By not raising the corruption issues in this Constituency, such as allotment of MHADA land, rehabilitation of slum dwellers and in infrastructure projects, he has permitted the corrupt practices.

He cannot shrug the responsibility of his inability to curb corruption, failure to address the fundamental issues of the constituency and not being around for the people when the people needed him most.

We will launch enquiries into all those allegations of corruption once the elections are over.

We appeal to all voters of the Constituency to come out in large numbers on the voting day, cast their vote and be a part of the democratic process. We appeal to the voters to cast their vote in favour of honesty, accountability and good governance and against corruption, communalism and injustice.
Medha Patkar

*Narmada Bachao Andolan*,

*National Alliance of People’s Movements*

Sandeep Kaur Riat: “Feministic Perspective on Entrepreneurship”

Interactive session held at the MTSM College
Ludhiana: 22 April 2014: (Rector Kathuria//Punjab Screen): 
An interactive session on “Feministic Perspective on Entrepreneurship” was held at the MTSM College, Ludhiana for the students of Master in Business Administration Commerce & Information Technology (MBACIT) with LMA Young Innovative Entrepreneur  award winner Ms. Sandeep Riat , M.D Akal Spring Pvt Ltd. , Ludhiana  on Tuesday,  22 April 2014   .Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Sandeep (Minnie) Riat guided the students regarding the mantra of  becoming a successful entrepreneur. She  mentioned her journey of becoming an  entrepreneur and contributions she made towards  the  overall growth of her enterprise. During her lecture she highlighted that  creator community is unique. They live with conviction,  passion  & optimism .While personally interacting with the students  she took a note of their enquiries too. Principal  Dr. (Mrs.) Parveen Kaur Chawla said that with the new generation stepping into the creative economy, building a global platform that makes  the process of  learning  imperative and absolutely necessary. At the end she proposed a vote of thanks and expressed her gratitude to  the resource person for  sharing her thoughts with the students and congratulated the staff for  making the event a success.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Gul Panag carried out a grand road show in Ludhiana

·         Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 6:29 PM
  Says, “It’s time to use the broom and sweep away The Crooks, Crime and  Corruption”

Ludhiana, April 17, 2014: (Punjab Screen Bureau):
AAP candidate for Lok Sabha, Chandigarh Gul Panag carried out a successful road show in Ludhiana on April 17th 2014. Inspite, of a rainy morning the Road Show received a huge public turnout. The road show started 9:30 in the morning from Aam Aadmi Party Office in Sarabha Nagar and continued from Bhai Bala Chowk, Jagraon Bridge, Rekhi Cinema Chowk, Chaura Bazar, Thaan Singh Chowk, Laxmi Cinema Chowk, Field Ganj, Jagraon Bridge, Bharat Nagar Chowk, Bhai Bala Chowk, Pakhowal Road, Sarabha Nagar, Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar, Bhagat Singh Nagar, Paasi Chowk, Phullanwal ByPass, Dugri Phase 2, Dugri Phase 1, Dugri Road, Atam Nagar, Gill Chowk, Partap Chowk, Sherpur Chowk, Cancer Hospital, Cheema Chowk, Pahwa Hospital, finally concluding at Janta Nagar. Gul also boarded the city bus on Bharat Nagar Chowk and interacted with the people travelling in the bus. All along the route of the rally, especially at Chaura Bazaar and Field Ganj, people stopped her again and again to honor her with garlands and ‘Saropas’.

While addressing the crowd, Gul Panag said, “The people of Punjab are weary of the corrupt politicos, time for a change and only voters of Punjab can be a part of this change by casting their vote”. She continued, “By casting your vote in favor of AAP candidate from Ludhiana, Mr. Phoolka, ensure a drug free environment and a developed society. It’s time to use the broom and sweep away the cooks the crime and the corruption.”

JagdishTytler related 1984 Riots case

  Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 6:51 PM
Mr. Phoolka appears before Delhi High Court
New Delhi17th April 2014: (Punjab Screen Bureau):
1984 Riots case relating to JagdishTytler was listed before the Hon’ble Mr. Justice V. P Vaish in the Delhi High Court today. Mr. H.S Phoolka specially came from Ludhiana to appear in this matter. A couple of weeks back,Akali Dal had spread a false rumor that Mr. Phoolka has withdrawn from the Tytler case. However, today Mr. Phoolka appaeared in the pending matter and the matter was adjourned to 29th May as Mr. Phoolka requested that the matter needs long arguments of atleast more than one hour.
Another matter relating to 1984 Sikh Riots was listed in Court No. 33 of the Delhi High Court. This was an interim bail application filed by BalwanKokhar , a co-accused of Sajjan Kumar in 1984 riots case. Mr. Phoolka appeared in this matter and this matter was adjourned. Therefore, Mr. Phoolka appeared and argued both 1984 riots cases. His mission in life hasn’t changed with entering politics.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

1st Position in PU by DD Jain Memorial College for Women Ldh

Ms. Satinder stood 1st in PU with 84.67% marks
Ludhiana: April 15, 2014: (Punjab Screen Bureau):
The students of  M.Sc.(IT)-1st Semester made the institution Devki Devi Jain Memorial College for Women, Ludhiana proud by securing various positions in Panjab University. Ms. Satinder stood 1st in Panjab University  by securing 84.67% marks, Ms. Komal stood  2nd   in Panjab University by securing 84.33% marks, Ms. Ankita  4th  in Panjab University by securing 83% , Ms. Babita stood  7th  in Panjab University  by securing 82% marks, Ms. Ekta stood  9th  in Panjab University  by securing 81.66% marks, Ms. Ritika stood  10th  in Panjab University  by securing 81.16% marks, Shilpa  stood  11th  in Panjab University  by securing 81% marks and Ms. Shikha  bagged 12th  position in Panjab University  by securing 80.83% marks.
Samaj Rattan Shri Hira Lal Jain, Chairman of the college Managing Committee, Sh. Kedar Nath Jain, President, Sh. Shanti Saroop Jain, Sr. Vice President,  Sh. Bipin Jain, Secretary, Sh. Surinder Kumar Jain, Manager and Mrs. Neelam Nayyar, Officiating  Principal of the college congratulated the students on their brilliant performance in the annual exams and announced special incentives to these students in the coming session.
ਧੀਆਂ ਦੀ ਕਦਰ ਕਰਨ ਦੀ ਪ੍ਰੇਰਨਾ ਦੇਣ ਵਾਲੀ ਸਕਿਟ ਦੀ ਇੱਕ ਵੀਡੀਓ ਝਲਕ 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

AAP mania hits Ludhiana

 Sun, Apr 13, 2014 at 7:15 PM
“This was not a rally, it’s a revolution"-H S Phoolka
"This road show is the beginning to the end of corrupt politicians in Punjab.” 
Arvind Kejriwal in Ludhiana
Ludhiana, April 13, 2014: (Punjab Screen Bureau): 
Ludhiana’s AAP candidate for Lok Sabha, Mr. Phoolka and Mr. Arvind Kejriwal carried out an enormously successful road show through Ludhiana attended by nearly 2 lakh people. A sea of people came out to welcome Mr. Kejriwal. Supporters were seen thronging the streets to meet Mr. Kejriwal and Mr. Phoolka and at most places there was such a rush of people that the road show could barely move.
Arvind Kejriwal in Ludhiana
The road show went through 25 stops and at each stop there were seen hundreds and thousands of people. Not only they were volunteers and members present, but people were seen running out of their shops and homes to greet Kejriwal.
Mr. Kejriwal was very happy and smiling all through the road show meeting and shaking hands with people and accepting garlands of flowers and sarope. Some supporters at Ghumar Mandi were so happy to meet him that they got emotional and couldn’t control their tears.
Arvind Kejriwal in Ludhiana
The response of women and children was most overwhelming. Scores of children got on the bonnet of Mr. Kejriwal’s jeep to put garlands on him and get autographs and pictures clicked. A young woman at Basti Jodhewal ran to the jeep and said “Please save our nation!” The kafila behind Mr. Kejriwal’s jeep stretched to over 5 kms. and continued till the end of the road show, showing that these are dedicated and die hard supporters of the party.
Arvind Kejriwal in Sangrur
AAP’s H.S. Phoolka said “This is not a rally, it’s a revolution. The response in Ludhiana today shows that people want a change and are not afraid to go all out for it. This road show is the beginning to the end of corrupt politicians in Punjab.”
On 13th April morning, Mr. Phoolka accompanied Mr. Kejriwal to Ahmadgarh for the road show there, where also there was enormous response to Mr. Harinder Khalsa. On 12th April Gurdaspur had also seen its biggest rally. It is clear that Punjab has been swept by an “AAP” wave by the aam aadmi.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

We currently have approximately 250,000 euro...........


Sikhs Helping Sikhs                                                       Sat, Apr 12, 2014 at 1:08 PM
40,000  euro has been given as deposit
  We have been approached by Gurdwara Guru Nanak Darbar in Dublin.
Please find request from the committee below.
As it is a case of urgency we obliged their request to email this .
Please read below- 
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!
Sarbat Saad Sangat Ji,
I am writing on behalf of Gurdwara Guru Nanak Darbar Dublin and its sangat, with the intention of seeking your assistance in rescuing our Gurdwara Sahib from burden being placed upon it by an individual UK based family who for a lack of  better word claimed to have loaned money for Gurdwara Sahib with a view to financial benefit.  Our Gurdwara Sahib and its sangat have reach a settlement to give the lending family 400,000 euro within 90 days or they will apply an interest rate of 13% pa.  We currently have approximately 250,000 euro of which 40,000  euro has been given as deposit.  Our roof is filled with asbestos and was leaking, so we have conducted a temporary repairs at the cost of around 30,000 euro approximately as we cannot afford to replace the entire roof at the cost of 120,000 + euros for funds have to be paid to the lending family.  Our Gurdwara Sahib is the first Gurdwara Sahib in Dublin Ireland, and is very close  to the hearts and minds of our sangat with a lot of emotions attached.


Our Gurdwara Sahib was establish in 1986/87 as a result of efforts of three people who tried to raise funds of which one has passed away since, when our funds fell short of bided price.  They approached a UK based  business man of sikh family which
had strong connection in the UK and were on the management board of an prominent Gurdwara Sahib in England.  The head of this family offered his services to raise funds and contribute himself towards the establishment of Gurdwara Sahib in Dublin.  Little did then the three people, knew how this was going to play out in the future. At the very last minute when the deed was about to be signed the contributing family from the UK insisted that deeds be placed in their name or the contribution will not be made available.  Because of being caught between a rock and hard place the three agreed to this. At later point in time the three people offered that UK family may take their contribution, so that there is no risk / liability on the Gurdwara Sahib.  To which UK party’s head of family responded that Gurdwara Sahib shall always remain a Gurdwara. After the passing of the head of family, the UK based family claimed that the Sikh sangat were given the Gurdwara only for temporary use and it was their family’s private investment (Which is not true, as money was raised by UK and Ireland sangat as-well).  The UK family sought financial reward to transfer over the deeds. We insisted that the property was held by their family in trust. A legal law suit was filed upon the Gurdwara Sahib.To save the sangat from the anguish and relive the uncertainty of court case upon Gurdwara Sahib we the executive committee have negotiated a compromise where the UK family will transfer over the deeds upon payment of 400,000 euro. We the executive committee have put in a lot of work in re-establishing a structure where no individual may ever attempt to hold our Gurdwara Sahib at ransom, either financially or otherwise by creating and entity company “Gurdwara Guru Nanak Darbar Ltd” with five year fixed termed directors that shall give seva and placed all the power in the hands of sangat that shall be members of the company.

If you or your friends can give any seva to save our Gurdwara Sahib, it will be much appreciated.  Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or any of the means listed below.


We the executive committee of Gurdwara are authorising Mr Gurbir Singh Chadha (of 13 Rossberry Avenue, Lucan Dublin, Ireland) to collect funds on behalf of Gurdwara Guru Nanak Darbar Dublin, Ireland.

“Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh,”

Your Sincerely

President:   Kewal Singh Cheema
Mobile:  00 353 87 9756116

Bank:              TD Canada Trust Bank Account (Canada)
Name:            GurudwaraGuruNanakDarbarDublin
Transit No:     01362
Bank:              Ulster Bank (Ireland)
Name:            GurudwaraGuruNanakDarbarDublin
Sort Code:     986040
Account No:  10717348
BIC:                ULSBIE2D
IBAN:             IE12ULSB98604010717348

(Gurdwara Guru Nanak Darbar LTD Reg No. 515164)
78  Serpentine Ave, Dublin 4,  IRELAND
Telephone: 00  353 1  6671558    Email: info@gurunanakdarbar.ie    

URL: www.gurunanakdarbar.ie

Friday, April 11, 2014

Workshop on Farm Trials and Frontline Demonstrations

Fri, Apr 11, 2014 at 4:41 PM
A special report on  Animal Science at GADVASU
Ludhiana-11-April, 2014

A One day Workshop on Farm Trials and Frontline Demonstrations for Subject Matter Specialists of Animal Science was organized on 11th April, 2014. Directorate of Extension Education, Guru Angad Dev Veterinary & Animal Sciences University Ludhiana under the aegis  of Zonal Project Directorate Zone-I,  ICAR, PAU Campus, structured the event. The Workshop was inaugurated by Dr V.K.Taneja, Vice-Chancellor, GADVASU, Ludhiana. While inaugurating the Workshop, Dr Taneja stated that animal science is an important component in the Krishi Vigyan Kendras (KVKs) especially keeping in view the diversification of agriculture in state of Punjab. Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University has developed technologies in livestock, poultry, fisheries and value addition of  livestock products. These technologies need to be disseminated to the farmers for its effective utilization, thus increasing the productivity of animals and subsequently augmenting the income of the farmers. Dr Taneja also emphasized that the KVKs of PAU and GAVASU should work in unison for the betterment of the farming community. Dr S.Prabhu Kumar, Zonal Project Director, Zone-1, PAU Campus, Ludhiana  stated that it is first time that  such workshops are separately being conducted for each discipline of   KVK and he explained  that the role of the animal scientists in KVKs is increasing day by day in the  present set-up. Dr SNS Randhawa, Director of Research, GADVASU, Ludhiana gave a presentation highlighting the different technologies developed by GADVASU, Ludhiana for its use at field level for the benefit of the livestock farmers. Heads of Departments and senior faculty members participated in the workshop and provided their useful suggestions for finalizing the OFTs and FLDs. On farm trials  and frontline demonstrations in the field of animal sciences and fisheries to be undertaken at KVKs of PAU and GADVASU during the year 2014-15 were discussed and finalized. Fourteen  Animal Scientists from different KVKs of  Punjab participated and made their presentations regarding OFTs and FLDs. Dr R.S.Sahota, Director of Extension Education, GADVASU presented the vote of  thanks and advised the scientists to develop an attitude  for  extension so  that  livestock farmers can get  benefitted through  timely dissemination  of information and technologies.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Conspiracy to try and trap AAP candidate, H.S. Phoolka

Thu, Apr 10, 2014 at 7:45 PM
A letter written to Commissioner by Mr. Phoolka
Attached is the formal complaint made by Mr. H.S. Phoolka to the Commissioner of Police, Ludhiana today. The details are provided therein. The phone number mentioned in the complaint has already been traced by the Police to a number in Gujarat, belonging to a prominent person in Gujarat. The name is not being disclosed due to pending investigation in the matter. The events clearly disclose the desperate attempt being made to try and trap Mr. Phoolka and affect his highly successful campaign.
To                                                                                                                    10th April 2014
Commissioner of Police

Subject : Complaint of misrepresentation and impersonation as SSP, Ludhiana and cheating under section 420, 465, 468, 469
            Yesterday on 09.04.2014 while I was in villages in Jagraon, I received a call on my Punjab number, 9779490070 from phone number 09662164374. The person on the other side disclosed his name as BK Singh, SSP Rural, Ludhiana. He said he wanted to talk about something very urgent. The line was not very clear so I called him back from my other number, 09811021916. The said person claimed that he is SSP Rural, Ludhiana and he needs an urgent favor from me. He said that his son has lost his luggage at Mumbai Railway Station and he urgently needs money. He said he would deliver me the money in Ludhiana and if I can ask someone in Mumbai to give the money to his son who is stranded in Mumbai. On humanitarian considerations, I will request my friend in Mumbai to take care of his son. He insisted on immediate delivery of Rs. 65,000 to me in Ludhiana. I told him that I was in the villages and not in the city. He insisted that I should give him the number of someone who he can deliver the money to. I told him that he shouldn’t worry about delivering the money, he should only send the contact details of his son in Mumbai and I will ask my friends in Mumbai to take care of him and to ensure that he is fine. He then sent me the following SMS :
I requested my friends Manjeet Singh in Mumbai to help the young boy who is in desperation and I forwarded the message sent by BK Singh to him. When Manjeet Singh called on the number in the SMS, the phone was busy and the message on the phone came in Gujrati. Manjeet Singh immediately told me that this number is not of a person in Maharashtra and the message from the service provider is in Gujarati. Manjeet Singh again called on the number after some time and told the boy that he is coming to meet him at Mumbai Central Station, as mentioned in the message sent by BK Singh. The boy informed Manjeet Singh that he is not at Mumbai Central Station and gave a different location in Mumbai. Manjeet Singh called me and said that something is definitely fishy. I called back the said BK Singh and his number was coming busy and that message too was in a different language and  not in Punjabi or Hindi. I again tried calling him and asked where he is at that time. He informed me that he his sitting at DIG office at Lakkar wala Pul. That showed that this person is lying. I called DSP Dakha, and asked him if there is any SSP Rural by the name of BK Singh. He told me that there is none. Then I called Commissioner of Police, Ludhiana and asked him if there is any IPS officer by the name of BK Singh. He also confirmed that there is none. I narrated the incident and requested investigation in the matter as someone was purposely impersonating himself as SSP Ludhiana.
From the fact that the person was too keen to deliver the money to me and the amount was Rs. 65,000/- which is equal to $1,000, it appears that it was a trick to trap me and claim that I have received money through hawala. It clearly makes out a case of misrepresentation, cheating, impersonation and forgery intending to harm my reputation.
I am grateful to you for taking prompt action in the matter and finding the details of the phone which has already been traced to Gujarat. I am making this formal complaint in writing to help with the investigation of the case. I request you to take the matter to a logical conclusion at the earliest.
Thanking you

Yours sincerely,

Harvinder Singh Phoolka

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Roadshow of S. Phoolka turns into a big rally

Sat, Apr 5, 2014 at 7:51 PM
Phoolka appealed to the people to vote without any fear
Ludhiana: 5th April 2014: (Punjab Screen Bureau):
Led by Advocate HS Phoolka, workers of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) today organized an impressive that began from Sarabha Nagar and passed through Barota road, Rehru Sahib road, Kuhara village, Isher Nagar, Sua road, Gill Bridge, Atam Nagar, Guru Nanak Colony, Block A, Karnail Singh Nagar, Dugri road, Block B, Rode phatak etc.
Large number of people turned out to participate in the road show. At many places, road show took the shape of big rallies. Residents of different localities welcomed the show and honoured Mr.Phoolka who is contesting Lok sabha polls from Ludhiana constituency.
Mr. Phoolka appealed to the people to vote without any fear. He stated that party in power was using unfair means and terrorising the voters, so people should teach a lesson to it and cast vote for AAP that is pro-people party. He promised that AAP government will wipe out the corruption and there would be rule of law everywhere.

He assured that Ludhiana would be developed in to a model city. All the residents will get all the amenities without any discrimination. In the road show large numbers of common people participated with their cycles, scooters and motorcycles.

Manpreet Badal has no right to be called PPP’s President

Sat, Apr 5, 2014 at 4:15 PM

Meeting for survival of PPP soon
CHANDIGARH: If we recall the time when Manpreet Singh Badal laid the foundation of PPP at Khatkad Kalan which is famous as Shaheed Bagat Singh’s native place, he took the oath that he would work towards the betterment of the society and not misuse the power.  He also affirmed that he would not join hands with Congress or Akali Dal (Badal) in any given situation.
 And today the very same individual, Manpreet Singh Badal is not only supporting but is representing Congress in Lok Sabha Elections 2014. By doing this he has disrespected the members of PPP and also tarnished the name of the patriots. He has joined hands with one of the most corrupt party of the nation, besides Congress was behind the biggest genocide in the Sikh history.
Mr Arunjot Singh Sodhi, Former Founder Member of PPP stated in the official press note, “Manpreet Badal has lost his right to be called the President of PPP. He has betrayed the members of PPP and joined hands with Congress; He has filed in his papers as the candidate of Congress.” He further added, “ PPP’s norms and regulations were way superior than Aam Aadmi Party, But the people were unaware of the fact that Manpreet is also a part of the same league who play with the emotions of the innocent people. His distraction from the basic norms of the party was the major setback for the party.”
Mr Sodhi said, “I along with Mr Abhay Sandhu, Mr Bharat Bhushan and the members of PPP would organize a meet in which they would discuss the future of the Party and appoint the new President of the party.” He also asserted that, “When PPP President Manpreet Badal met Congress President, Mrs Sonia Gandhi he said he cannot directly join Congress because if he does so he will have to face the protest by PPP members. And for this reason he took the different road and mislead PPP members through Lok Sabha elections 2014. 
“United front has come to an end as CPI and CPI-M have already nominated their candidates from different election areas.” Mr Sodhi showed his concern, “The registered party should file a nominee from at least two seats otherwise the registration would get cancelled. Therefore the founder members of the party will hold a meeting and try to rescue the party from menace.”

Mr Sodhi concluded by saying, he would organize  an emergency meeting with Mr Abhay Sandhu and Mr Bharat Bhushan Thappar, nephew of Shaheed Sukhdev and finalise the new President of the party and save the party from the crisis.

Friday, April 4, 2014

MCI Election: Doctoer's Circle said this mockery of democracy

Unfair practices feared and suspected
Ludhiana: 4th April 2014: (Punjab Screen Bureau): 
A meeting of the Doctors’ circle was held where following resolution was passed regarding MCI Elections.

There is complete absence of spirit of democracy in the current MCI elections due to following reasons

1 The ballots are posted by ordinary posts and have not reached majority of voters, last date for ballots to reach back is 10th March so the postal delay to and fro is harming the election process.
2 It is feared and suspected that unfair practices are being carried out of collecting the ballots posted by ordinary post from the post offices and postmen.
3 The candidates are reported to be collecting the unfilled ballot papers from the voters by pressurizing them , this has taken out the important element of Secrecy from the process. When a candidate comes, sits in front face to face and demands that ballot paper be handed over to him it becomes very embarrassing for the voter to refuse a colleagues doctor.
4 Ballots are difficult to fill and require to be posted back by registered post so most of the doctors are either ignoring them or handing these over to the first candidate who approaches them.
Doctor’s Circle takes a serious note of this mockery of democracy for an important post which gives lot of power and responsibility to the elected person and demands that the elections be quashed and held again in a proper manner where the rights of the voting doctors be protected and a genuinely deserving person is elected without manipulation of votes. Doctors’ Circle condemns this mockery of democracy in educated doctor community which is expected to show the right path to the society.

Dr Iqbal Ahuja    Dr Satish Nauhria     Dr Narotam Dewan    Dr RP Singh

A new achievement by MTSM college girls

Fri, Apr 4, 2014 at 3:24 PM
MFDM 3rd semester Students Outshine in Panjab University Examination
Ludhiana: 4th April 2014: (Rector Kathuria//Punjab Screen):
Students of Master in Fashion Design and Management 3rd semester of MTSM College for Women have Exhibited Excellent Performance in Dec .2013 examination conducted by Panjab University Chandigarh. It is a matter of Proud Privilege for the college that all the students got 1st division. Harmandeep kaur stood first in University by securing 83.16% marks .  Rajni Bala and Harminder Kaur both secured second position with79% marks. Mamta got Third position in University with 78% marks. Principal Dr. (Mrs)Parveen Kaur Chawla heartily congratulated the students and faculty for their sincere efforts and wished the students good luck in the future. It is worth mentioning that this innovative masters  program( sponsored by UGC )is running successfully and is scaling new heights day by day.

High incidence of heart disease in Doaba Region-Dr Bedi

Fri, Apr 4, 2014 at 1:08 PM
About 35% of his  heart patients are from the Doaba 
Ludhiana, 4th April, 2014 2014: (Shalu Arora//Punjab Screen):
“Punjab – both rural and urban - reports a very high incidence of diabetes, high-blood cholesterol level and obesity. These, in turn, manifest as cardiac problems”. Dr Harinder Singh Bedi, head of Cardio Vascular and Thoracic Surgery at the Christian Medical College and Hospital, Ludhiana, made the above observations at the free cardio-vascular counselling, detection and prevention camp Phagwara.
The camp was jointly organised by the Christian Medical College and Hospital and the Senior Citizen’s Council Phagwara as part of a yearly outreach programme. Free consultations by super-specialists , free tests and medications was done and besides blood sugar and ECG – a  special test for bleeding disorders  – The PT/INR test – was done for all patients where indicated.
A very high incidence of heart and vascular disease was noted in this area. Dr  Bedi said that about 35 per cent of his  heart patients are from the Doaba region  . The camp was held to try and look at the reasons for this high incidence. 150 patients were examined at a very well organized camp at the Guru Ram Das Bhavan. About 45% of the people checked were detected to have significant heart disease. Besides treatment, all aspects relating to prevention of heart disease and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle were taught to the people present. What was disturbing was the high incidence of diabetes and obesity.
Though it is true that the Doaba belt has a relatively non-polluted environment and the pace of life is generally relaxed but at the same time there has been a gradual change in lifestyle. The hard manual labour is now being done mostly by migrant workers while the cholesterol rich diet remains as before. Consequently, the body is unable to metabolise all the calories consumed leading to deposits in the arteries. Also urbanisation of rural areas is taking place, and so the urban-rural difference is decreasing and more and more rural people are getting this disease, observed Dr Bedi.
The analytical study during the camp revealed that people with heart disease in Phagwara  and in the adjoining rural Punjab received slower care than people in the cities and were more likely to die before reaching a hospital. Heart attack rural patients head to hospitals in buses or tractors rather than ambulances, and pay for the treatment out of their own pockets because of ignorance regarding the health insurance.

Dr Bedi stressed on the benefits of addressing the root cause of heart disease in Punjab. Punjabi diet is very rich compared to that of the population living in the southern part of the country. It is for this reason that we are witnessing people at young age getting heart attacks, the expert said.
Eat less fried food, less butter and ghee. Exercise daily for around 45 minutes and reduce stress in life, suggested the cardiac surgeon.
The team included Dr Amy Verghese, Dr Nirmala, Dr Febin, Dr Cynthia ,  Dietitians Dt Aruneeta  and Dt Navneet  , Yoga Acharya Nirmal Singh staff nurses headed by ICU Incharge sister Balwinder Kaur and Mrs Reeta Vashisht  and Mr William Prem and Mr Mathews .
Dr Abraham G Thomas, director of CMC and Hospital said that the outreach programmes were an integral and important part of the basic philosophy of CMC so that medical care could reach one and all in this region  .
 Dr Bedi can be contacted at 98140-60480 for any clarification
Photo: Dr HS Bedi examining patient  at the camp

‘Indira Congress-RSS collusion’//By Shamsul Islam

Nanaji  Deshmukh justifying the massacre of the Sikhs
Courtesy Photo
A crucial document may throw some light on the hidden aspects of the genocide and identify the overall forces which executed it. It was authored and circulated by veteran ideologue of the RSS, Nanaji Deshmukh on November 8, 1984.
Interestingly, this document was published in the Hindi Weekly 'Pratipaksh' edited by George Fernandes in its edition of November 25, 1984 titled ‘Indira Congress-RSS collusion’ with the following editorial comment:
'The author of the following document is known as an ideologue and policy formulator of the RSS. After the killing of Prime Minister (Indira Gandhi) he distributed this document among prominent politicians. It has a historical significance that is why we have decided to publish it, violating policy of our Weekly. This document highlights the new affinities developing between the Indira Congress and the RSS.'
Courtesy Photo
This document may help in unmasking the whole lot of criminals involved in the massacre of innocent Sikhs who had nothing to do with the killing of Indira Gandhi. This document may also throw light on where the cadres came from, who meticulously organized the killing of Sikhs. Nanaji Deshmukh in this document is seen outlining the justification of the massacre of the Sikh community in 1984. According to him the massacre of Sikhs was not the handiwork of any group or anti-social elements but the result of a genuine feeling of anger among Hindus of India.
This document also shows the true degenerated and fascist attitude of the RSS towards all the minorities of India. The RSS has been arguing that they are against Muslims and Christians because they are the followers of foreign religions. Here we find them justifying the butchering of Sikhs who according to their own categorization happened to be the followers of an indigenous religion.
Courtesy Image
The RSS often poses as a firm believer in Hindu-Sikh unity. But in this document we will hear from the horse’s mouth that the RSS like the then Congress leadership, believed that the massacre of the innocent Sikhs was justified. Nanaji  Deshmukh in this document is seen outlining the justification of the massacre of the Sikh community in 1984.
His defence of the carnage can be summed up as in the following:
The massacre of Sikhs was not the handiwork of any group or anti-social elements but the result of a genuine feeling of anger among Hindus of India.
Deshmukh did not distinguish the action of the two security personnel of Indira Gandhi, who happened to be Sikhs, from that of the whole Sikh community. From his document it emerges that the killers of Indira Gandhi were working under some kind of mandate of their community. Hence attacks on Sikhs were justified.

Sikhs themselves invited these attacks, thus advancing the Congress theory of justifying the massacre of the Sikhs.

He glorified the ‘Operation Blue Star’ and described any opposition to it as anti-national. When Sikhs were being killed in thousands he was warning the country of Sikh extremism, thus offering ideological defense of those killings.

According to this document it was Sikh community as a whole which was responsible for violence in Punjab.

Deshmukh argued in the document that Sikhs should have done nothing in self-defence but showed patience and tolerance against the killer mobs.

According to Deshmukh's thesis these were Sikh intellectuals and not killer mobs which were responsible for the massacre. The former had turned Sikhs into a militant community, cutting them off from their Hindu roots, thus inviting attacks from the nationalist Indians. Moreover, he treated all Sikhs as part of the same gang and defended attacks on them as a reaction of the nationalist Hindus.

He described Indira Gandhi as the only leader who could keep the country united and expressed the opinion that on the murder of such a great leader such killings could not be avoided.

Rajiv Gandhi who succeeded Mrs. Gandhi as the Prime Minister of India and justified the nation- wide killings of Sikhs by saying, 'When a huge tree falls there are always tremors felt', was lauded and blessed by Nana Deshmukh in the following words: 'it is not to deny the truth that sudden removal of Indira Gandhi from Indian political scene has created a dangerous void in the Indian common life. But India has always displayed a characteristic inner strength in the moments of such crisis and uncertainty. According to our traditions, responsibility of power has been placed on the inexperienced shoulders of relatively young person in a lively and peaceful manner. It will be hasty to judge the potentialities of his leadership at this time. We should give him some time to show his ability.

On such challenging juncture of the country, in the meanwhile he is entitled to get full cooperation and sympathy from the countrymen, though they may belong to any language, religion, caste or political belief.'

There was not a single sentence in the Deshmukh document demanding, from the then Congress Government at the Centre, remedial measures for controlling the violence against the minority community. Mind this that Deshmukh circulated this document on November 8, 1984, and from October 31 to this date Sikhs were left alone to face the killing gangs. In fact November 5-10 was the period when the maximum killings of Sikhs took place. Deshmukh was just not bothered about all this.

Deshmukh document did not happen in isolation. It represented the real RSS attitude towards Sikh genocide of 1984. The RSS is very fond of circulating publicity material, especially photographs of its khaki shorts-clad cadres doing social work. For the 1984 violence they have none. In fact, Deshmukh’s article also made no mention of the RSS cadres going to the rescue of Sikhs under siege. This shows up the real intentions of the RSS during the genocide.

Importantly, Deshmukh circulated this document on November 8, 1984, and from October 31 to this date Sikhs were left alone to face the killing gangs. George Fernandes while making this document public in 1984 wrote that it showed ‘Indira Congress-RSS collusion’. All those interested in finding the real culprits of 1984 must also investigate whether this collusion was confined to political sphere or went beyond to killing fields.

[For perusal of the full RSS document see the following link: