Tuesday, June 28, 2016

RM G.S.Gill from Delhi participated in LIC meet at Ludhiana

50 Advisers learnt the success secrets
Ludhiana: 27 June 2016; (Punjab Screen Bureau):
Life Insurance Corporation of India RM Mktg CLIA-NORTH Zone Sh. G.S.Gill from Delhi  came Ludhiana to attend the meeting of Ludhiana Division no.1 Chief Life Insurance Advisor Sh. Sunil Kumar & his AONE TEAM 50 Advisers at Friend Regency hotel.               
    Senior Divisional Manager Sh. D.C . Thakur ji, Marketing Manager Sh. S . C . Sharma ji, Chief Manager Sh. S.K. Bansal ji, CLIA Manager Sh. P.S. passi ji & BM SO CLIA Sh. M.k.Kaushik ji welcomed Sh.G.S.Gill ji with flowers bookey.         Sh. G.S. Gill honoured Sunil Kumar & his AONE TEAM for achieving no.1 position in North Zone. He praised Sunil Kumar team top Advisor Mr. Puneet Batra who complete his MDRT and honoured Top Advisors Sonia Vimal, Arvind  Kumar,  Mohit Nagrath, Vinayak Kashyap, Parveen Kumar, Vikas Kumar for top performance in year 2015-16 and top earner in this year.           G.S. Gill said that LIC has started E services for their customers include online premium payment,  Address change, Status of their policies & many more benefits showing in LIC Web site www.licindia.in   for benefits of all customers.           
He appealed to all Advisors attending meeting that they should motivate to all nears and dears to join LIC as Advisors because an Advisor of LIC plays great role for LIC richest concern of India growth and also for the nation. At last Sh.G.S. Gill distributed prizes and Trophy to all top Advisors and  Winners.
 SDM Sh. D.C . Thakur ji said in vote of thanks Sunil Kumar and his AONE TEAM did extremely Sincere work to Achieve this no.1 position in North Zone. He added we can achieve any miles stones by do this type of team work cooperation and definitely this team  will no.1 in all over India in this financial year.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Start a nationwide moment against drugs “Drugs Quit India”

Dr. Dewan has plan to move a resolution
Ludhiana 26 June 2016: (Punjab Screen Bureau):
On the occasion of International Day Against Drug Abuse, Dewan Hospital and Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery Center and Freedom Fighters Successors Organization of India ( Pb ) organized a seminar at Dewan Hospital, Ludhiana.

The seminar was attended by prominent doctors like Dr Rajeev Gupta, Dr Amarjeet Kaur who spoke on the occasion. Dr Rajiv Gupta gave details of drug menace playing havoc with the families of the youth of Punjab. He narrated many stories of young and promising youthful students falling into the drug trap and dying or becoming slave of drugs. He said that the life span of a drug victim is drastically reduced and they are likely to die in less than a decade. They fall victim to other diseases like AIDS, Hepatitis C etc and loose interest in life and purposeful activities. Dr Rajeev Gupta said that the drug mafia is being controlled by rich and powerful persons who have no respect and regard for human life.
Dr Narotam Dewan in his speech presented a paper on the causes and solution to drug menace in the state and the country.
The paper presented by Dr Narotam Dewan:

1.  Failure to develop engaging social and cultural activities – Fed by green revolution, industrialization and NRI money Punjab progressed economically so rapidly that social progress could not keep pace with it. Cheap availability of migrant labour left landlords wondering what to do in their free time. At the same time large numbers of landless families are facing problem to make two ends meet and wondering what to do.

This mixture of affluence and poverty has pushed youth to drugs, those who have spare money flaunt taking drugs and those who are not are becoming drug peddlers to have drugs for killing their depression. Absence of social, cultural, sports in the daily routine of youth has created a vacuum which has pushed them to drugs for killing time and enjoying.

Solution to this may come if every school, college, village committee and elected councilors organize sport activities, seminars, debates, singing and dancing activities, book reading and discussion groups, on daily basis every evening. This will channelize the energy of youth and give it proper direction. The infrastructure and manpower is available but not being used.

2.  Lack of Proper Education - Education is meant to develop the personality, character of a child. So that the child comes out to be a physically, mental and socially healthy being ready to meet the challenges of life. It will not serve its purpose if it is tailored to make a person into a machine for earning money. Education about leading a good life in our traditional system of joint families use to flow from grandparents. This blessing is lost due to nuclear family system in force now. Schools, colleges and social media are the only teachers today.

So, there is need to tap the schools and colleges to impart the education which was otherwise imparted in families. Regular periods on health, sports and religious/moral education must be introduced. Good and uncontroversial teachings of all religions should be taught educational institutions on daily basis.

3.  Break down of law and order and insatiable greed of people – The business of drugs and narcotics pays very rich dividends to its masters. They do not have to pay any taxes as this is an activity in the black. They have protection of the ruthless international, national and state mafia, terrorist and spy agencies from abroad. They have no respect or love for human dignity, human life, country, state, society, race etc.. With the black money hoarded by these mindless demons, they purchase many politicians, policemen, judiciary persons. They raise a parallel army and police of well-armed goons who are at their back and call to attack and illuminate their opponents. These people are difficult to identify as they are from among us. In disguise they have built their networks by employing unemployed, poor, criminal and greedy people to run this trillion rupee drug business.

Innovative, strong, honest, national level force against this cuscus is the need of hour to identify, book and bring to justice these demons who are eating away the strength of our youth like white ants from within. Unless there is a political will on the highest level to save our country from this covert invasion by our neighboring countries and criminal greedy Indians associated with them, Indian culture civilization and Nation will die a slow but sure death.

Dr Narotam Dewan said that there is need for fundamental changes to deal with this problem destroying the lives of Indian youth Dr Dewan said that Punjab has come to the notice of international drug syndicate and the countries inimical to India as a prosperous state. Dr Dewan said that it is the duty of every Punjabi to start a war against the drugs and drug mafia. He said that Punjabis had been in the forefront to stop Alexander the Great, Mohamad Gaznavi and Ahmed Shah Abdalli etc and this time also will come up to the occasion and save their next generation from the claws of the demons dealing in drug. . Dr Dewan suggested following measures.
1. To create an agency like INA to investigate the culprits behind the menace, book them and bring them to justice.
2. Create subjects of health and have a daily period in all classes of schools and colleges to inculcate healthy living habits in youngsters.
3. To create a period of religious education in schools and colleges where good teachings of all religions are taught to the students on daily basis.
4.. To have daily periods of sport for all students to channelize the energies of the youth in constructive activities.
Dr Dewan said that he will move a resolution in the national convention of Freedom Fighters Successor Organization of India to start a nationwide moment against drugs “Drugs Quit India”.
Mr Raman Goyal, President Helping Hand Club and Mr Bharat Joshi, secretary of Helping Hand Club and Mr Pardeep Sharma, Secretary of Indian Peoples Theater Association, Mr Vijay Chiba, President Freedom Fighters Association, Ludhiana, Mr Gurdeep Singh social activist and writer spoke on the occasion.
Staff of Dewan Hospital sang a Punjabi song against Drugs abuse.
Mrs Neeta Dewan, Director, Dewan Hospital thanked the guests for sparing time from there busy schedule to participate in the event.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

CPI protest rally against Ludhiana Police

Break govt., police and mafia nexus to save Punjab
Ludhiana: 23 June 2016: (Punjab Screen Bureau):

The Communist Party of India (CPI) in a rally held on 23.06.2016 at Mini Secretariat has called upon the people of Punjab to raise their voice and break the  government, police and mafia nexus to save the state from further deterioration. 
Com Kartar Singh Bowani Distt. Sec. CPI at the rally alleged that it is now a well known fact that all sorts of mafia including the drug mafia, sand mafia, land mafia  are being  propagated and supported by the government and protected by the police at the behest of their political masters. He referred to the statement of the former DGP Prisons Shri Shashi Kant at a national TV channel that he had several times brought the issue to the notice of the government  about the involvement of senior politicians and police officers in the drug peddling but no serious cognizance has been taken.  

Com D P Maur – Astt. Sec. CPI said that it is a sorry state of affairs that the police is working in a totally partisan non professional manner succumbing to the blatant political interference and the pressure of influential people. Therefore the law and order situation is continuously worsening. No citizen feels safe even during the day time.  He said that law and order in the state has deteriorated to the worst level ever because the police has become a virtual tool of the political masters. This is dangerous for the democratic setup. 

Dr Arun Mitra – Assistant Secy. CPI Ludhiana said that the people are so much afraid that they do not want to go out at night because of the fear of the anti social elements. This is particularly so in the outskirts of the city where the poor workers live. Much needs to be done to control the law and order. The drug peddling is at its peak and large number of youth is being lured and forced into drug abuse. Once they get addicted they are forced to commit crime. People do not report about the peddlers to the police because they fear that their confidentiality will be maintained. The case of Abhishek son of Dr Banerjee is still fresh in the minds of the people. He demanded that death due to drug abuse should be considered as a murder because no person wants to die because of drug but he pushed into such situation by the peddlers. 

Com Ramesh Rattan – City Secy said that mafias in Punjab were unknown till a few years back when the Akali BJP government started patronizing them. There are gangs in the state who could be  used to kill any opponent. The hue and cry by the government, the Akali Dal and their outfits and also by the outfits of the RSS against the film “Udta Punjab” has thoroughly exposed them. But the people has now understood their designs and they would be soon shown the door. 

Com Gurnam Singh Sidhu – Asstt. Secretary of the city unit of the party said that already there are 18 cases which he has brought to the notice of the police but no justice has been done instead the police is supporting the accused in many cases. 
Others who addressed the include Comrades Kewal Singh Banwait, Valaiti Khan, Gurnam Gill, Chamkaur Singh, Kuldeep Singh Binder, Randhir singh, Tiger Singh

For more detail contact  CPI leader Comrade Gurnam Sidhu M:9216810244

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Now yoga in the curriculum of Anganwadi Centres

Announced on International Yoga Day
The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi with the participants during the mass yoga demonstration at the Capitol Complex, Chandigarh, on the occasion of the 2nd International Day of Yoga – 2016, on June 21, 2016.  (PIB photo)
Chandigarh June 21, 2016: (Pushpinder Kaur//Punjab Screen)
Haryana Government has decided to introduce yoga in the curriculum of Anganwadi Centres and provide yoga training to Anganwadi employees and helpers. While stating this today, Women and Child Development Minister, Mrs. Kavita Jain, said that approval to this effect has been given by Chief Minister, Mr. Manohar Lal. Greeting the people on the occasion of ‘International Yoga Day’, the Minister said that under Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi’s ‘Swasth Bharat, Sashakt Bharat’ initiative, children aged between three and six years and expectant mothers would be taught yoga exercises. The curriculum would be prepared jointly by Women and Child Development and AYUSH Departments, she added. 

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan by LIC team

Event by Mr. Sunil Kumar & his AONE TEAM
Ludhiana: 20 June 2016: (Pushpinder Kaur//Punjab Screen):
Life Insurance Corporation of India Ludhiana Division no.1 Chief Life Insurance Advisor Mr. Sunil Kumar & his AONE TEAM top 20 Advisers organised Swachh Bharat Abhiyan on 20/06/2016 at Premium Collection Point & Marketing centre at Sunder nagar Ludhiana.                                                                      
Sh. S.K. Bansal chief manager of unit 1 Branch & Sh. M.K. Kaushik branch manager of SO CLIA Branch were present and participated in this activity at Premium collection point & Marketing centre at Sunder nagar.                        Sh. S.K.Bansal requested all shopkeepers of nearby the Premium Collection point office to participate in this Swach Bharat Abhiyan.                
By giving the definition of Swach Bharat Abhiyan Mr. Sunil Kumar said that Cleanliness starts from your  own home & your campus. His AONE team top Advisors  Vinayak kashyap , Vikas Kumar, Arvind Kumar, Gaurav Dureja, Rahul Nagpal, Rajni pushkarna, Renu Khosla, Parveen kumar, Raman Sood,  Rahul Gautam, were actively participated in this Swach Bharat Abhiyan activity. They went to all shopkeepers in Market & discribe the benefits of Life Insurance policies.                                       
M.k.Kaushik described the advantages of Life Insurance Agency as part time work or full time. It's for  the benefits of Nation & for the benefits of Advisors future life.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Five day Yoga Camp started at DMCH

Date: Jun 18, 2016 4:47 PM
Dr. Sanjeev Singh Rawat demonstrated different asanas
Ludhiana: 18 June 2016: (Punjab Screen Bureau):
In view of 2nd International Yoga Day to be held on 21st June, Department of Yoga, DMCH today organized a five day Yoga Camp which will be concluded on 22nd June. The camp is being organized in Dumra Auditorium of DMCH from 6 am to 7 am. The first day of Yoga Camp saw the participation of people from different walks of life. Dr Sanjeev Singh Rawat (Yog Consultant, DMCH) demonstrated different asanas.
In his address to those present on the occasion, Dr Rawat said Yoga is a therapy that connects the body, breath, and mind to energize and balance the whole person. It uses physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation to improve overall well-being. Yoga improves fitness, lowers blood pressure, promotes relaxation and self confidence, and reduces stress and anxiety. People who practice yoga tend to have good coordination, posture, flexibility, range of motion, concentration, sleep habits, and digestion. Yoga is a complementary therapy that has been used with conventional medicine to help treat a wide range of health problems, but it does not cure any disease, said Dr Rawat.    

Monday, June 6, 2016

Citizens demand effective action to clean Buddha Nala

Smart City has no meaning without it
Ludhiana: 6 June 2016: (Punjab Screen Bureau):   Mon, Jun 6, 2016 at 3:18 PM  
Speaking at the Public Function organized by the Bharat Jan Gyan Vigyan Jatha Ludhiana on 5th June to mark the World Environment Day on the theme JAL HAI TO KAL HAI various speakers criticized the administration for its utter failure in implementing the Satluj Action Plan meant to clean the Buddha Nalla. Clear water of the Nalla starts becoming polluted as soon as it enters the boundary of the city as a result of industrial affluent and domestic waste being disposed into it.  
Addressing on the occasion Maj. Sher Singh Aulukh said that Satluj Action Plan was outlined and as a follow up of this P Ram Committee was formed. Our organisation had been actively associated with the work under this. As a part of this three Sewerage Treatment Plants (STPs) were established at Village Bhattian, Baloke and Jamalpur. Also five green bridges were to be constructed for bio remediation of waste water flowing in Buddha Nallah. M/s.Green Infrastructure, Pune had laid down condition for proper working of the green bridges viz Lifting of Municipal Solid Waste, Functioning of STPs and Outlets into Buddha Nallah should be plugged.   As per our observations none of these three conditions have not been implemented satisfactorily (Photographs from some sites are being attached as an evidence). As a result the whole project seems to be failing.

Dr Rajinder Pal Singh Aulukh said that transparency should be ensured in this work and responsibility should be fixed on the concerned. As a double check of the samples of treated water after STPs the citizens should be allowed to take samples on their own and get them checked. The monitoring committee should meet quarterly to assess the progress made. 
Mr. M.S.Bhatia, Organising Secretary said that whereas the citizens should realize their responsibility, it is the duty of the administration to ensure the implementation of various clauses and to create awareness in the public. He said that it is imperative that throwing of solid waste/ refuge should be totally banned and made illegal. Violators should be penalized. A vociferous awareness campaign should be carried out with the help of NGOs who are already working for this cause and the population living around the Buddha Nallah should be involved. The working of the STPs should be continuously monitored in coordination with the NGOs working for this cause. In the first step the factors effecting the proper working of STPs should be identified. Thereafter corrective measures should be taken. To our information none of the outlets draining untreated effluent directly into the Buddha Nallah have been plugged. Strict measures in a time bound framework should be taken to plug all the outlets. Violators should be penalized. Road should be constructed both sides which also clear the encroachments on the banks of the Nallah and plantation should be done. 

A memorandum regarding the concerned issues of environment of Ludhiana particularly the water pollution was presented to Shri Devinder Singh Additional Commissioner (MC) Ludhiana by the office bearers of the Jatha. Shri Devinder Singh in his address said that the issues raised by the Bharat Jan Gyan Vigyan Jatha are very relevant and the corporation is seized with these. We have already started a movement with the help of the citizens.
Mrs.Kusum Lata – National Awardee Headmistress gave a talk on water management. She said that the citizens have to be cautious about these situations. Rainwater harvesting should be made mandatory. She presented a play by the students of Govt. High School Sarabha Nagar on Environment.
Shri Ranjit Singh- National Awardee Headmaster (Retd.) and  Vice President of the Jatha along with Shri Sukhdev Chandel  organized a quiz competition on environment and gave prizes to the winners in the form of saplings.
An intra-school painting competition was organized in different schools on the theme SAVE WATER-SAVE LIFE. The best three entries from each school were awarded in the function. The posters prepared by the students were displayed at the venue.
Shri Surinder Kumar recited poems on the environment.

Mr.Parveen Kumar, Harpreet Kaur and Jaspreet Mohan Singh Khurana prepared on the spot a 40 feet long painting for environment day. 

Anita Sharma from Belan Brigade in her address said that without providing the basic animities to the citizens Smart City concept has no meaning.

Col.Gill from Lets Clean Ludhiana Trust cautioned the RO users. The government should not encourage RO system. 

Many organisations working for the cause participated and supported the efforts.

Others who addressed and participated in organizing the event include Shri Krishan Lal Malik, MrsGurcharan Kocher, Shri Pardeep Sharma, Swaroop Singh, Er S P Singh, Dr Babita Jain, Sohan Singh, I.S.Sodhi, Rajwinder Singh, Shri Amritpal Singh, Sandeep Kumar, Radhika Jaitwani, Ravi Arora, Shri Ramadhar Singh, Randhir Singh Dheera, Anod Kumar  

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Vedic Karmayoga Camp – 2016 concludes at B.C.M Arya

An impressive colourful cultural show 
Sun, Jun 5, 2016 at 3:23 PMLudhiana: 5th June 2016: (Punjab Screen Bureau):
A week long residential  Vedic Karmayoga Camp (Boys and Girls) concluded at B.C.M Arya Model Sr. Sec. School campus amidst much fun and frolic. This  was organized with a view to make the students aware about the basic teaching and principles of the glorious Indian Culture and the Vedas as well as to inculcate good moral and spiritual values to lead a good and stress free life. For a group of 109 students of class VI to VIII, the camp was a food for soul, keeping them away from the busy schedule of studies and hum- drum of life.
The campers were involved in a wide array of activities viz. Meditation, Yoga, Folk Dances, Painting, Drawing, Morning Hawan, Religious Thoughts and Personality Grooming to give them the right direction to channelize their energy. A number of prominent Guest Speakers deliberated on some important social issues during the camp.
An impressive colourful cultural show by the students marked the Closing Ceremony.         Mr. V.K Goyal, Executive Director and CEO, SEL Group, Ludhiana graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. The students presented a number of items like dances, songs, yogic exercises and speeches and snapshot of beautiful moments of the camp.
Some parents of the campers also expressed their gratitude for the school authorities for providing such wonderful platform to students.
Speaking in the occasion, Principal (Dr.) Mrs. Paramjit Kaur exhorted the campers to keep up the high human values to build up a good national character.
Chief Guest, appreciated the performance of the campers and the school authorities for putting up wonderful effort in arranging this week-long residential Camp.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Vision Writing Competition

Wed, Jun 1, 2016 at 1:00 PM
Three best inputs on all topics will be given 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes
Ludhiana: June 1, 2016: (Punjab Screen Bureau):
Vision Healthy Indiana’s committee invites doctors, paramedical staffs, professionals, teachers, students and general public from every field participate in this Vision Writing Competition by writing vision, mission and moral statements on the following topics.
You can mail them to the office of “Vision Healthy Indians Committee” at narotam.dewan@gmail.com alternatively they can post a hard copy of their documents at “Dewan Hospital and Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery Center, 452/2, Sangat Road, Civil Lines, Ludhiana- pin- 141001.
Vision Health Indians Committee of IMA Punjab has selected the following topics for vision, mission and moral statement writing competition -----
1.     Creation on central Health Insurance Corporation of India( HIC ) to provide financial support to the patients to get treatment for their diseases, unlike Life Insurance Co. of India ( LIC ) which provides relief to the family after the person insured is dead.
2.     Uplifting state and central Government Medical Colleges and Hospitals to International standards.                                                                                             
3.    Creating a Mega Central Medical University to organize, spearhead and regulate medical education and research in our country.
4.    Creation of Indian Health Administrative Services on lines of IAS.
5.    Introduction of a Full-fledged Subject on Health in Schools and daily periods right from class LKG.
 Three best inputs on all topics will be given 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes in the function, which will be held to release these visions. Final vision statements will be generated on the basis of these inputs and will be released to the press media and sent to the relevant offices in the Governments of India and state of Punjab. The function for the purpose will be held in July, 2016.

We appeal to the persons interested in the betterment of the health of all Indian citizens to spare time from their busy schedules for this common cause, exercise their intelligence and send us their submissions by 25th June, 2016.
We will not be able to include submissions received after 25th June, 2016 in the competition. Members of our committee will not be entitled for the award, they can however send their statements.

Dr Narotam Dewan, Chairman – Vision Health Indians Committee – IMA Punjab
Vision Healthy Indians Committee office address for posting submissions -Dewan Hospital and Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery Center, 452/2, Sangat Road, Civil Lines, Ludhiana- pin- 141001. It is preferable to submit soft copy at narotam.dewan@gmail.com.

Smt. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi having a live facebook chat

Chat on the achievements of WCD Ministry
The Union Minister for Women and Child Development, Smt. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi having a live facebook chat on the achievements of WCD Ministry, in New Delhi on June 01, 2016.                                       (PIB photo)

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Wearing neck tie or putting lipsticks is not smartness-CPI

Wed, Jun 1, 2016 at 3:43 P
CPI criticized statement of Chief Secretary
Ludhiana: 1st June 2016: (Punjab screen Bureau):
Reacting to the statements by the Chief Secretary Shri Sarvesh Kaushal, the Communist Party of India has said that this is just a beautification plan to suit the needs of the rich and the affluent. Day to day requirements of the middle and poor sections have been completely ignored. Com Kartar singh Bowani-distt. Secretary, Dr Arun Mitra and Com D P Maur Asstt. Secretaries, Com Ramesh Ratan CitySecretary and Com Gurnam Sidhu Asstt City Secretary have said that just by wearing neck tie or putting lipsticks and no person becomes smart. Real smartness lies in the body and soul of the person. Similarly a city where lakhs have no place to live and are staying in sub human conditions devoid of fresh air, clean water supply or sewerage facilities and for them quality education and health care is just a dream how can we call the city smart. Middle classes have been agitating against exorbitant charges by the schools for quite some time because they feel that they will not be able to provide their wards such care; but no mention has been made of this. No mention is there about how to get back large pieces of government land illegally occupied by the antisocial elements. There is not a single line about play grounds for the children. People of the city have been agitating for upgrading the civil hospital to make it at par with good institutions providing tertiary health care and CPI has held several demonstrations for that, but there is no mention about that. The vendors who provide day to day service to the middle and poor sections have not been allotted the vending zones even though it is mandatory as per the act of the Parliament, but there is no mention of this in Smart city discourse byte Chief Secretary. Small scale entrepneurs and small scale industry  are reeling under difficult times, but there is no talk about them.  There is no mention about cleaning of the Buddha Nalla in it. This is another dream of the Punjab government under the directions of the Prime Minster Mody like the one of Achhe Din on which crores of rupees will be wasted.

BCM Aryans set into action for Water Mission

Tue, May 31, 2016 at 2:07 PM
students are asked to keep a record of water saving
Ludhiana: 31st May 2016: (Punjab Screen Bureau):
To solve water crisis and ensure judicious utilization of water, BCM Arya  has set into action with surprisingly simple idea for water conservation. The simple yet powerful idea  has been given shape by  designing  a proforma to communicate, impart knowledge and bring about a change in outlook at the grassroots level about water conservation and watershed management. As a part of Summer Break activity students are asked to keep a record of no. of mugs used for routine activities like brushing, taking bath, washing vehicles, watering plants etc.

“Such efforts, small in scale though they may be, go a long way in tackling climate change and building a sustainable future for us all. Saving water is an ‘open mission’. The more who join in, the merrier we are." said Dr. Paramjit Kaur, Principal of School.

During summer, availability of water becomes scarce in cities and through such programmes, we aim to create awareness amongst students regarding water conservation and protection of all natural resources for a sustainable future." Said Ms. Vipra Kale, the environmental Manager.

CBSE-I students have made beautiful hand made proformas and one working on it with a water drop smiing. Parents have also supported for the project.
                         “It was a wonderful, fun loving and great learning activity as we came to know how many mugs of water we really waste in daily routine activities,” says Deepti of IX D.

                     “I felt satisfied and surprised by the fact that we can save large quatity of water with little change in our life style”. Says Aarush Thakur of 5th CBSE –I
Children are more likely to spread the message to their family and neighbours and encourage a whole lot more people to save and reuse water.

This effort might just be the tip of the iceberg but the impact could be tremendous .

Capacity Building Workshop Held At DAV BRS Nagar

Innovation and creativity in all fields is must
Ludhiana: 31 May 2016: (Punjab Screen Bureau):
Dynamism is the key to excellence and DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi is continuously striving hard to promote versatility amongst the teaching faculty so that they are successful in shaping the personalities of the students under their care as per the demands of the changing time.
Keeping the motto of providing best guidance to the nation builders a Two Day Capacity Building Workshop was held at DAV Public School, BRS Nagar, Ludhiana, where 90 teachers teaching Classes Pre-KG to II were the participants from DAV Institutions of Ludhiana zone. The resource persons were Mrs. Ravinder Chawla, Mrs. Sangeeta Mahendru, Mr. P.M. Philip (Principal Holy Angels School, Rajpura) and Mrs. Shubha Sood (Resource Consultant from Scholastic India in Punjab) delved deep into the child psychology to help the teachers plan their lessons to retain the interest of the taught and help them to be comfortable in their classes.
The resource persons stressed upon transacting the educational curriculum in a play-way method that promotes all round development of the children. Innovation and creativity in all fields is a must to make teaching learning process enjoyable so that tender children under their care love to come to school and the same was discussed during the brain storming session. Techniques for improvement of pronunciation and sharpening Emotional and Intelligency Quotient were also provided to the participants.
Stories not only impart values to the listeners but also sustain their interest in the classroom projects and add to the creativity quotient. Tips to narrate stories were well accepted were appreciated by all the participants because narration ultimately leads to good story writing. The hands-on workshop helped teachers have a detailed information about effective transaction of DAV curriculum in the junior Classes and its modes of assessment. The participants enjoyed the session to fullest and carried home the message of making teaching learning a fun based informative process.
Principal Mrs. J.K. Sidhu thanked the Resource Persons for providing valuable tips to the participants that will ensure better teacher-taught bonding and enable the students to come true to the expectations of the teachers.