Friday, June 9, 2017

Doctors irked over Togadia’s participation in IMA rally

Dr. Arun Mitra wrote a letter to IMA president
Ludhiana: 8th June 2017: (Punjab Screen Bureau)::
The ranks of medical fraternity under the Indian Medical Association (IMA) here are divided on the participation of VHP leader Pravin Togadia in the protest held by the IMA in New Delhi on June 6. Doctors across the country had observed a strike demanding a central legislation to deal with violence against doctors.

In an open letter written to IMA president KK Aggarwal, former district president and former state senior vice-president Dr. Arun Mitra said the doctors here had whole-heartedly supported the nationwide strike on June 6 because they were convinced that the majority of the doctors were sensitive towards their duty and sincerely tended to the sick and infirm.

Taking strong exception to inviting ParveenTogadia to address the IMA rally at New Delhi, Dr. Mitra charged the IMA president of either being ignorant and naive about Togadia’s hard line views or having some ulterior motive. “The act of inviting Togadia to the rally has lowered the professional prestige of the organization,” he remarked.

Mitra said doctors were entitled to know the reason for inviting Togadia to address the rally when he has no locus standi. 

In his letter Dr. Mitra said,"We actively participated in the  protest against violence on  doctors organized by the   IMA on 6th June 2017 because we are convinced that most of the doctors are sensitive towards their duty of care to the patients, they are compassionate and are truthful in their total approach to the care of the sick and the infirm.  Even though we have strong reservations over certain approaches of the IMA central leadership, for example, getting support from the pharmaceutical companies for organizing education programs in a lavish manner,  endorsing certain commercial products and also on holding IMA meetings in places like  Pataya in Thailand. As concerned members, we had pointed out about these from time to time." 
He further said,"I, Arun Mitra have been an active member of the association since the early 1980s and was President of the Ludhiana unit and then senior vice president of Punjab state IMA in 2009. Therefore despite the reservations mentioned above we have been involved in the IMA because I feel that this is the premier body of the doctors which carries legacy of eminent persons like Dr A K N Sinha and Dr B C Roy. But we were utterly perturbed to learn that Parveen Togadia was invited to address the rally at Delhi.

Doctors are taught to have patience and provide care within best of our ability to the patients irrespective of caste, creed or community. As a doctor we give declaration and pledge that we will consecrate life to the service of humanity. This clearly means that we dedicate ourselves to humanity. Parveen Togadia is well known for venomous hate speeches. When one possesses bias against a particular community how can one justify the commitment to serve all the people in the same manner?
Inviting ParveenTogadia to address indicates that either you are ignorant and naive about Togadia's views or you have some ulterior motive.  This act of inviting Togadia has lowered the professional prestige of the organization.

As citizens of the country and members of IMA we have every reason to know why he was invited to address when he has no locus standi, he is neither any office bearer of the IMA nor he is a doctor of great eminence that his presence will boost the cause of IMA. 

Monday, June 5, 2017

The success story of Punarjot eye donation movement

Mon, Jun 5, 2017 at 4:07 PM
Let’s work together to control of blindness 
New Delhi: 5th June 2017: (Punjab Screen Bureau)::
Let's come forward to make India corneal blindness backlog free country with joint efforts
We shared the success story of Punarjot eye donation movement of Punjab at let's talk cornea national conference of CAMBA cornea Andhatav mukt Bharat Abhiyan under the aegis of Saksham NGO of  Madhav netripedhi of Nagpur for blindness free India campaign at Manekshaw convention center, Delhi Cantonment.
In power presentation, A struggle story of Punarjot eye donation, collection of highest collection of donated eyes in NGO sector, providing free corneal transplantation to all, free training of eye banking staff, was appreciated by corneal surgeons and eye banking social personalities from all northern states of India  and  it will help in movement of corneal blindness backlog free India campaign l.
Beautiful Manekshaw convention center with motivating ambiance.
Eye donation movement also represents a sense of equality and national unity and integration.
Let’s work together to control of blindness to serve humanity.
For any more information and details, please feel free to contact.
Dr Ramesh MD
Dr. Ramesh Superspecialty Eye & Laser Centre,
65-A, BRS Nagar, Ludhiana, PB,
Ph. 0161-2464999, 98143-31433, 9780015715

Saturday, June 3, 2017

India must take firm stand against Trump

Sat, Jun 3, 2017 at 5:28 PM
BJGV Jatha criticized Trump's Anti India Rhetotic 
Meeting opposed his stand on Paris agreement 
Ludhiana: 4 June 2017: (Punjab Screen Bureau)::
The Bharat Jan Gyan Vigyan Jatha has criticized US President Donald Trump for pulling out of Paris agreement on climate change. After a meeting of the Jatha held under the chairmanship of its president Shri Ranjit Singh it was said that this act of Trump is a total violation of international commitments. The Paris agreement is based on commitment to prevent climate change by reducing the carbon production. Through this agreement the developed countries, who are responsible for excess carbon concentration in the atmosphere, which is causing green house effect and thus climate change will take steps to mitigate this harmful change.  Under the agreement the polluter countries would pay back in form of carbon credits to the developed countries to keep up their economies. Whereas the whole world agrees to this the US has now pulled out. Not only that trump has given a statement against India accusing us of having desire to extract billions.   This is totally wrong, uncalled for and against all norms and forms of international relations based on mutual respect. The govt. of India should give an effective reply to this statement of trump. Those who participated in the deliberations include Dr Arun Mitra, M S Bhatia, I S Sodhi, Dr Rajinder Pal singh Aulakh, Rector Kathuria, Pardeep Sharma.