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We Won't Give In! We Won't Give UP! -- *Abhinav Sinha

Sat, Mar 28, 2015 at 12:20 PM
Complete account of the brutal lathi charge

Police action on workers outside Delhi Secretariat on the orders of Kejriwal Government

On 25th March, we witnessed one of the most brutal, probably the most brutal lathi charge on workers in Delhi in at least last 2 decades. It is noteworthy that this lathi-charge was ordered directly by Arvind Kejriwal, as some Police personnel casually mentioned when I was in Police custody. It might seem surprising to some people because formally the Delhi Police is under the Central Government. However, when I asked this question to the Police, they told me that for day-to-day law and order maintenance, the Police is obliged to follow the directives from the CM of Delhi, unless and until it is in contradiction with some directive/order of the Central Government. The AAP government is now in a fix as it cannot fulfill the promises made to the working class of Delhi. And the working class of Delhi has been refusing to forget the promises made to them by the AAP and Arvind Kejriwal. As is known, on February 17, the students of School of Open Learning, DU went in sizeable numbers to submit their memorandum to the CM. Again, on March 3, hundreds of DMRC contract employees went to submit their memorandum to the Kejriwal government and were lathi-charged.

From the beginning of this month, various workers' organizations, unions, women's organizations, student and youth organizations have been running 'WADA NA TODO ABHIYAN', which aims at reminding and then compelling the Kejriwal government to fulfill its promises to the working poor of Delhi, like the abolition of contract system in perennial nature of work, free education till class 12th, filling 55 thousand vacant seats in the Delhi government, recruiting 17 thousand new teachers, making all the housekeepers and contract teachers as permanent, etc. The Kejriwal government and the Police administration had already been intimated about the demonstration of 25th March and the Police had not given any prior prohibitory order. However, what happened on 25th March was horrendous and as I was part of the activists who were attacked, threatened and arrested by the Police, I would like to give an account of what happened on March 25, why did scores of workers, women and students go to the Delhi Secretariat, what treatment was meted out to them and how the majority of the mainstream media channels and newspapers conveniently blacked out the brutal repression of wokers, women and students.

Why did thousands of workers, women and student go to the Delhi Secretariat on March 25?

As mentioned earlier, a number of workers' organizations have been running 'Wada Na Todo Abhiyan' for last one month in Delhi to remind Arvind Kejriwal of the promises he and his party made to the working people of Delhi. These promises include the abolition of contract system on work of perennial nature; filling 55 thousand vacant posts of Delhi government; recruiting 17 thousand new teachers and making the contract teachers as permanent; making all contract safai karamcharis as permanent; making school education till 12th free; these are the promises that could be fulfilled immediately. We know it will take time to build houses for all jhuggi dwellers; however, a  roadmap must be presented before the people of Delhi. Similarly, we know that providing 20 new colleges will take time; however, Mr. Kejriwal had told the media that some individuals have donated land for two colleges and he must tell now where are those lands and when is the state government going to start the construction of these colleges. It is not as if Kejriwal government did not fulfill any of its promises. It fulfilled the promises made to the factory owners and shop-keepers of Delhi immediately! And what did he do for the contract workers? Nothing, except a sham interim order pertaining to contract workers in the government departments only, which ordered that no contract employee in government departments/corporations shall be terminated till further notice. However, newspapers reported a few days later that dozens of home guards were terminated just a few days after this sham interim order! That simply means that the interim order was just a facade to fool the contract workers in the government departments and people of Delhi at large. These are the factors that led to a suspicion among the working people of Delhi and consequently various trade unions, women's organizations, student organizations began to think about a campaign to remind Mr. Kejriwal of the promises made to the common working people of Delhi.

​Consequently, Wada Na Todo Abhiyan (WNTA) was initiated on March 3 with a demonstration of contract workers of DMRC. At the same day, the Kejriwal government was informally informed about the demonstration of 25th March and later an official intimation was given to the Police administration. The Police did not give any prior prohibitory notice to the organizers before the demonstration. However, as soon as the demonstrators reached Kisan Ghat, they were arbitrarily told to leave! The police refused to allow them to submit their memorandum and charter of demands to the Government, which is their fundamental constitutional right, i.e., the right to be heard, the right to peacefully assemble and the right to express.

What really happened on March 25?

Around 1:30 PM, nearly 3500 people had gathered at the Kisan Ghat. RAF and CRPF had been deployed there right since the morning. Consequently, the workers moved peacefully towards the Delhi Secretariat in the form of a procession. They were stopped at the first barricade and the police told them to go away. The protesters insisted on seeing a government representative and submit their memorandum to them. The protesters tried to move towards the Delhi Secretariat. Then the police without any further warning started a brutal lathi-charge and began to chase protesters. Some women workers and activists were seriously injured in this first round of lathi-charge and hundreds of workers were chased away by the Police. However, a large number of workers stayed at the barricade and started their 'Mazdoor Satyagraha' on the spot. Though, the police succeeded to chase away a number of workers, yet, almost 1300 workers were still there and they continued their satyagraha. Almost 700 contract teachers were at the other side of the Secretariat, who had come to join this demonstration. They were not allowed by the police to join the demonstration. So they continued their protest at the other side of the Secretariat. The organizers repeatedly asked the Police officers to let them go to the Secretariat and submit their memorandum. The Police flatly refused. Then the organizers reminded the police that it is their constitutional right to give their memorandum and the government is obliged to accept the memorandum. Still, the police did not let the protesters go the Secretariat and submit their memorandum. The workers after waiting for almost one and a half hours gave an ultimatum of half an hour to the Police before trying to move towards the Secretariat again. When the Police did not let them go to the Secretariat to submit their memorandum after half an hour, then the police again started lathi charge. This time it was even more brutal.

​I have been active in the student movement and working class movement of Delhi for last 16 years and I can certainly say that I have not seen such Police brutality in Delhi against any demonstration.
Women workers and activists and the workers' leaders were especially targetted. Male police personnel brutally beat up women, dragged them on streets by their hair, tore their clothes, molested them and harrassed them. It was absolutely shocking to see how several police personnel were holding and beating women workers and activists. Some of the women activists were beaten till the lathis broke or the women fainted. Tear gas was used on the workers. Hundreds of workers lied down on the ground to continue their peaceful Satyagraha. However, the police continued to brutally beat them. Finally, the workers tried to continue their protest at the Rajghat but the Police and RAF continued to hunt them down. 18 activists and workers were arrested by the Police including me. One of my comrades, Anant, a young activist was beaten brutally even after being taken in custody in front of me. The police abused him in the worst way. Similar treatment was meted out to other activists and workers in custody. Almost all of the persons taken in custody were injured and some of them were seriously injured.

Four women activists Shivani, Varsha, Varuni and Vrishali were taken into custody and particularly targeted. Vrishali's fingers got fractured, Varsha's legs were brutally attacked, Shivani was attacked repeatedly on the back by several police personnel and also sustained a head injury and Varuni also was brutally beaten up.. The extent of injuries can be gauged by the fact that Varuni and Varsha had to be admitted again to the Aruna Asaf Ali Hospital on 27th March, when they were out on bail. Women activists were constantly abused by the police. The police personnel hurled sexist remarks and abuses on the women activists, that I cannot mention here. It was part of the old conventional strategy of the Police to crush the dignity of the activists and protesters.

The 13 arrested male activists were also injured and five of them were seriously injured. However, they were made to wait, two of them bleeding, for more than 8 hours for medical treatment. During our stay in the Police station, we were repeatedly told by a number of police personnel that the order to lathi charge the protesters was given directly from the CM's office. Also, the intent of the Police was clear from the very beginning: to brutalize the protestors. They told us that the plan was to teach a lesson.

The next day four women comrades were granted bail and 13 male activists were granted conditional bail for 2 days. The IP Estate Police station was asked to verify the addresses of the sureties. The police was demanding 14 days police custody for the arrested activists. The intent of the administration is clear: brutalizing the activists again. The police is constantly trying to arrest us again and slap false charges on us. As is the convention of the police administration now, anyone who raises their voice against the injustice perpetrated by the system is branded as "Maoists", "Naxalite", "terrorists", etc. In this case too, this intent of the police is clear. This only shows how Indian capitalist democracy functions. Especially in the times of political and economic crisis, it can only survive by stifling any kind of resistance from the working people of India against the naked brutality of the system. The events of 25th March stands witness to this fact.

What happens next?

It is a common mistake of the rulers to assume that brutalizing the struggling women, workers and students would silence the voices of dissent. They commit this mistake again and again. Here too, they are grossly mistaked. The police brutality of March 25 was an attempt of the Kejriwal Government to convey a message to the working poor of Delhi and this message was simply this: if you raise your voice against the betrayal of the Kejriwal Government against the poor of Delhi, you will be dealt with in the most brutal fashion. Our wounds are still fresh, many of us have swollen legs, fractured fingers, head injuries and with every move we can feel the pain. However, our resolve to fight against this injustice and expose the slimy fraud that is Arvind Kejriwal and his AAP has become even stronger.

The trade unions, women organizations and student organizations and thousands of workers have refused to give up. They have refused to give in. They are already running exposure campaigns around Delhi, though most of their activists are still injured and some of us can barely walk. Kejriwal government has committed a disgusting betrayal against the working people of Delhi who had reposed a lot of faith in AAP. The working people of Delhi will not forgive the fraud committed by the Aam Admi Party. I think the Fascism of Aam Aadmi Party is even more dangerous than the mainstream Fascist party like the BJP, at least in the short run, and I myself witnessed it on March 25! And there is a reason for it: just like small capital is much more exploitative and oppressive as compared to big capital at least immediately, similarly, the regime of small capital is much more oppressive as compared to regime of big capital, at least in the short run! And the AAP government represents the right-wing populist dictatorship of small capital, of course, with a shadow of jingoistic Fascism. This fact has been clearly demonstrated by the events of 25th March.

Apparently enough, Kejriwal is scared and has run out of ideas and that is why his government is resorting to such measures that are exposing him and his party completely. He knows that he cannot fulfill the promises made to the working poor of the Delhi, especially, abolition of contract system on perennial nature work because if he even tries to do so, he will lose his social and economic base among the traders, factory owners, contractors and petty middlemen of Delhi. This is the peculiarity of AAP's agenda: it is an aggregative agenda (a ostensibly class collaborationist agenda) which ostensibly includes the demands of petty traders, contracters, rich shopkeepers, middlemen and other sections professional/self-employed petty bourgeoisie as well as jhuggi-dwellers, workers, etc. It can not fulfill all the demands mentioned in the agenda, because the demands of these disparate social groups are diametrically opposite. The real partisanship of the AAP is with the petty bourgeoisie and the bourgeoisie of Delhi which is already apparent in the one-and-a-half-month rule of AAP. AAP actually and politically belongs to these parasitic neo-rich classes. The rhetoric of 'aam admi' was just to make good of the opportunity created by the complete disillusionment of the people with the Congress and the BJP. This rhetoric was useful as long as the elections were there. As soon as, the people voted for the AAP en masse, in the absence of any alternative, the real ugly Fascist face of Arvind Kejriwal has become exposed.

Even internally, the AAP politics has been exposed due to the current dog-eat-dog fight for power between the Kejriwal faction and the Yadav faction. This is not to say that had Yadav faction been at the the helm of affairs, things would have been any different for the working class of Delhi. This ugly inner fight only shows the real character of AAP and helps a lot of people realize that AAP is not an alternative and it is no more different from the parties like the Congrees, BJP, SP, BSP, CPM, etc. Particularly, the workers of Delhi are understanding this truth. That is the reason why the workers of Hedgewar Hospital spontaneously went on strike against the police brutality and the Kejriwal government on the evening of March 25 itself. Anger is simmering among the DMRC workers, contract workers of other hospitals, contract teachers, jhuggi-dwellers and the poor students and unemployed youth of Delhi. The working class of Delhi has begun to organize to win their rights and oblige the Kejriwal government to fulfill its promises; the desperate attempt of the Kejriwal government to repress the workers will definitely backfire.

Workers', students' and women organizations have begun their exposure campaign in different working class and poorer neighbourhoods of Delhi. If the AAP government fails to fulfill its promises made to the working poor of Delhi and fails to apologize the disgusting and barbaric attack on thousands of women, workers and students of Delhi, it will face a boycott from the working poor of Delhi. Each and every of the wounds inflicted on us, the workers, women and youth of Delhi on March 25 will prove to be a fatal mistake of the present government.
 (*Editor, 'Mazdoor Bigul' and 'Muktrikami Chhatron-yuvaon ka Aahwan', Writer of blog 'Red Polemique' and Research Scholar in History Department, Delhi University)

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MTSM College for Women outshined in the MA Hindi

Thu, Mar 26, 2015 at 2:03 PM
Rajni Jain:77.5%,  Madhu Bala 72.75% and Priya: 72%
Ludhiana: 26 March 2015:(Punjab Screen Bureau): 
The students of Master Tara Singh Memorial College for Women outshined in the university results of Masters in Hindi III semester declared by P.U Chd. Rajni Jain secured the first position in the college with 77.5% marks. Madhu Bala and Priya stood second and third with 72.75% and 72% marks respectively.
Following on the footsteps of their seniors, students of M.A. Hindi I semester also showed their caliber in university exams. Sakshi Khanna grabbed first position with 72% marks. Neha Gupta and Manpreet Kaur stood second and third in college with 70.25% and 62.35% marks respectively.
College principal Dr. (Mrs.) Parveen Kaur Chawla (Syndicate Member, P.U, Chd) applauded the students for their painstaking labor and wished them good luck for their future.
 MTSM College for Women outshined in the MA Hindi

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Much awaited “Fashion Fest-2015” started at GNG college

Wed, Mar 25, 2015 at 4:24 PM

Exhibition organized by Fashion Designing Department 
Ludhiana: 25 March 2015: (Punjab Screen Bureau):
An Annual Exhibition “Fashion Fest-2015” is being organized by Fashion Designing Department from 25th – 27th March, 2015. President S. Gurbir Singh and Principal Dr. (Mrs.) Charanjit Mahal inaugurated the much awaited and grand exhibition.  On the first day of the three day event, students unveiled a range of embroidery suits, painted suits, hand painted dresses, articles of knitting and crocheting, embellished pots, baby garments, bed sheets, cushions, decorative tunics, photo frames, sceneries, designer tops and canvas paintings. The dresses embroidered with intricate beadwork and stone works including sequins are being showcased. Other available apparel products like baby quilts, hand bags have been also included. Bed covers using machine embroidery, tie and die and patchwork are available in huge range. Many industrialists paid a visit to the exhibition today and were surprised to see the creative handiwork of the students which included varied styled products in vogue. President S. Gurbir Singh and Principal Dr. (Mrs.) Charanjit Mahal appreciated the toil and hard work put in by the students and the faculty members.  

Aaerobic exercises reduces risk of Diabetes

Wed, Mar 25, 2015 at 1:48 PM
Awareness Talk on Diabetes Control by Dr.Navtej Singh
Ludhiana: 25th March, 2015: (Shalu Arora//Punjab Screen):
Courtesy image:NDEP
A Diabetes awareness program was organized by Fortis Hospital, Ludhiana under the supervision of Dr.Navtej Singh, Consultant, Medicine and Diabetes, Fortis Hospital, Ludhiana. More than­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ ­­­­­­­­­­85 patients and their relatives attended the programme. Separate rounds of Interaction were held and a lot of queries regarding cancer were resolved. The whole session was followed by question-answer round on Diet Plans, Routine Exercises and various scenarios of daily life.
While talking with patients Dr.Navtej Singh said, “Diabetes is disease of impairment of glucose metabolism. Diabetes is a long term condition that causes high blood sugars. In Type 2 Diabetes, body does not produce enough insulin for proper function. In 2013, it was estimated that over 382 million people throughout the world had diabetes. Most common symptoms of diabetes are increased urination, intense thrist and hunger, weight gain or unusual weight loss, fatigue, male sexual dysfunction, numbness and tingling in hands and feet. First line treatment for type 2 Diabetes is diet, weight control and physical activity. If blood sugars are not controlled by diet control and physical activity, then medicines to control blood sugar levels are started.”

Everything is in patients hand to control diabetes doctor’s guidance and suggestions can bring good results.

Uncontrolled diabetes can cause Heart, Kidney and Eye diseases. Even 1% reduction in Hb A/C (Average of 2-3 months blood sugars), can save a patient from many dreaded complications of Diabetes.
Physical activity is important element in prevention and management of Diabetes. 30 to 45 minutes of aerobic exercises 6 days a week or 150 minutes per week reduces risk of Diabetes Mellitus. Other benefits of physical activity are that it decreases insulin resistance, decreases adiposity (Obesity) and improves glucose and lipid levels.

Diet also plays an important role in diabetes management. Restrict to 20-25% fats in total calories of your diet, increase fibre content of food encourage intake of whole grains, beans, fibre containing fruits vegetables and nuts. Small frequent meals and slow eating also helps in controlling blood sugar levels.

To stop the Epidemic of Diabetes, it is fairly simple medical professional believe that turning off TV and computer and going outside to walk or exercise will go a long way to stop this epidemic. Other suggestions include cutting calories in diets, snacking on wholegrain and high fibre foods, avoiding smoking and alcohol, exercising regularly and getting stress levels under control are pro-active ways to keep this diabetic epidemic from continuing to grow.

Also present on the occasion were Mr.Vivan Gill, Facility Director, Dr.Harpreet Brar, Admin Head, Dr.Ankush Mehta, Medical Superintendent Fortis Hospital, Ludhiana

Monday, March 23, 2015

Homage to Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev

CPI Pledge to work for a society based on justice and equality
Ludhiana : 23 March 2015: Large number of people paid homage to the martyrs of the nation Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Raj Guru and Sukhdev today at Jagraon Bridge in which hundreds of activists of Communist Party of India (CPI) and CPI (M) Distt. Ludhiana along with social organizations and trade unions participated. They garlanded their statues and pledged to build a nation based on justice and equality. The speakers while addressing said that the martyrs had dreamt of a nation with equal rights to grow for all the citizens. He said that the country has never faced the danger of social disintegration and economic loot by the foreign Multi National Corporations and local corporate as today under the BJP government at the center. Schemes for the social welfare of  poor are being diluted or disbanded. Small entrepreneurship is not being  facilitated rather contained in name of master plan in cities.
They further criticised in strong words the RSS game plan of forcible conversions in the name of home coming. This is against the basic tenets of our constitution of independence of each individual of professing the faith he/she believes in. Trying to change the faith of a person or social group by force or considerations will create turmoil in the society and shake the secular fabric of our society. This is causing great threat to basic principles of constitution. Furthermore decision to change the history to suit Hindutva ideology of the RSS will poison the minds of children and split the society. People of India have understood the BJP’s machinations. This has been clearly reflected in the total rejection of the BJP in Delhi merely eight months after they came to power at the centre.
The speakers also were highly critical of the state government for deteriorating law and order situation in Punjab. Increasing drug peddling under the patronage of political bosses, rise of sand and land mafia. These have brought the once progressive state to lowest ebb. In Punjab youth is being deprived of jobs. As a consequence a large number of  young people have been towards drugs. 
Prominent among those who were present and addressed today include, Com.O.P.Mehta, Ramesh Rattan, Marjeet Singh Mattoo, Sukhminder Lotey, S P Singh, Gurnam Sidhu, Yograj, Devraj, Vijay Kumar, Feroze Master, Jagdish Ram, Jyotsana, D P Maur, Gulzar Pandher, Dr ARun Mitra. Also present were Raghbir Singh, Amarnath Kumkalan, Subeg Singh, Gurnam Gill, Ismile Khan, Pritam Pandher, Ajit Jabddi, Ramadhar, Anod Kumar, Kameshwar and Surinder Kumar.

Take a pledge on Navratras

Stop female foeticide-Jyotsana Dhingra Group 
Ludhiana: 22 March 2015: (Punjab Screen Bureau):
As we know that Navratras are going on, on one one side we worship KANJAKS, but on the other side, the rate of female infanticide is growing in our country especially when women are scaling new heights everyday and increasingly becoming a part of all the professional arenas.
So, to create awareness against female infanticide, to disseminate the message throughout the city against this social evil I, Jyotsana Dhingra with few of my friends(Teena, Diksha, Ramesh, Didar Singh, Raman saini, Raman Sharma, Satnam Singh, Atul) conducted a rally in village Krishna Nagar, Hambran Road with the permission of the Sarpanch Mrs. Narinder Kaur. Along with her, Mr. Jarnail Singh Mintu and worker of the village Amninder Kaur helped us with full enthusiasm and spirit and made the event successful. In the rally small children of the village also participated.
Sarpanch of the village also gave biscuits and tea to all the persons who participated in the rally.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Dr. Kulwant Singh declared IMA Ludhiana President Elect for 2016

Sun, Mar 22, 2015 at 6:05 PM
He received 274 votes as against Dr. Narjit Kaur who bagged 217
Ludhiana: 22 March 2015: (Punjab Screen Bureau):
Elections for the post of President Elect-2016 and two posts vice presidents 2015 of IMA Ludhiana were conducted smoothly at the IMA House Ludhiana on 22-3-2015. Total number of votes hold were 503.
Dr. Kulwant Singh was declared elected as President Elect – 2016. He received 274 votes as against Dr. Narjit Kaur who bagged 217 votes.
Dr. Avinash Jindal and Dr. Deepak Parasher were declared elected Vice Presidents – 2015.
They received 355 and 289 votes respectively. Dr. P S Kohli was the third candidate who got 239 votes.
The election commission comprising of Dr. Jasbir Singh Chugh, Dr. Pritpal Singh, Dr. Anil Vohra conducted the election process and observer from State IMA Punjab Dr. Rakesh Vig, Dr. Jagatjeet Singh Virk and Dr. Yogeshwar Sood were present for smooth and fair elections.
The election commission of IMA Ludhiana thanked the IMA Ludhiana members for voting in such large number as 503 voters were polled out of 592 eligible voters.
No untoward incident was reported during the elections.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Two-days cultural exchange started at MTSM college

Thu, Mar 19, 2015 at 3:04 PM
Prof. Neera Grover and Artists from Baroda graced the occasion 
Ludhiana:19 March 2015: (Rector Kathuria//Punjab Screen):
Expression of music in the form of euphonic melodies suffused the atmosphere of Master Tara Singh Memorial College for Women, a two-days cultural exchange program with Baroda University which begun here at the campus today.
Glitterati, Prof. Neera Grover (Department of Music Vocal, Panjab University, Chd) graced the occasion as chief guest. She appreciated the efforts of the college to organize this Cultural Exchange Program with full enthusiasm.
Bharat I Mahant (Asstt. Prof) mesmerized the audience by showing his skill at violin classic. Kedar Mukadam witnessed the program and all swayed to his classical vocal melodies. Along with them Mayur Vaghela and Dhrupansinh Gohil gave the glimpse of their excellent prowess and whole ambience was full of gaiety and mirth. 
Dr. (Mrs.) Meera Madan  and Mr. Vidya Sagar Rampal (TV, Radio artist and social worker) were welcomed as special guests on the musical occasion. The whole event was organized under the kind and diligent guidance of Mrs. Harminder Kaur, Head (Department of Music) MTSM.
College principal Dr. (Mrs.) Parveen Kaur Chawla (Syndicate member, P.U, Chd) honored the artists. Appreciating the event, she said such kind of programmes give us the opportunity to understand the varied music tradition of India. S. Kanwalinder Singh (Secretary, College Managing Committee) and other members of college managing committee were also present on the occasion.

Tree Plantation By Preschoolers

Thu, Mar 19, 2015 at 1:50 PM
Students participated enthusiastically 
Ludhiana: 19 March 2015: (Punjab Screen Bureau): 
Tree plantation drive was carried out by Students of Oliver House, Preschool and Daycare, within their school premises. Students participated enthusiastically towards this good deed towards mother nature and mankind. Smiles ran on their faces as their small and tender hands dug scraps of ground to plant a sapling in the soil. Each child adopted a tree and pledged towards nurturing it.
This activity done in a playful manner was meant to be an important lesson for these young minds where they were taught the importance of plants, water and soil. This activity also contributed towards sensory exploration of colours and fragrances.
Oliver House Preschool, in Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar, is a Indian –British Venture for Early Years of Education, where the focus is on overall development of the child with learning goals set by UK’s EYFS (early years of foundation stage) system. Tree Plantation activity was planned under the ‘UNDERSTANDING THE WORLD’ area of Learning & Development .
Principal Sumeet Kaur, shared her views ‘Someday these young seeds, just like our young children, will grow into mature trees giving fruit, shelter and fresh air. They would stand against every odd and every season. They always give, always serve. They teach us a very meaningful lesson. So at Oliver House™,  we are committed to work on more programmes like this to initiate a widespread vision for the betterment of our environment and developing our children into responsible citizens of tomorrow.”
Oliver House also supports the “Nanhi chhaan” and “Beti Bachao, Beti Padao” movement started by government. Girl child is given special privileges in admission fees as well as tuition fees.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Prof. Neera Grover will be in the city

Wed, Mar 18, 2015 at 1:55 PM
MTSM is Organizing a Cultural Exchange Programme in Music
Ludhiana: 18 March 2015: (Punjab Screen Bureau):
According to the information Master Tara Singh Memorial College For Women, Ludhiana is Organizing a Cultural Exchange Programme in Music on 19th and 20th March 2015. Prof. Neera Grover (Mrs. V.C, Panjab University, Chd) will be the chief guest of the occasion. The team from Baroda University will also be participating in the same.
Kindly depute your media persons for the coverage of this programme as per following schedule.                                                        
                              Date:-  .19th and 20th March, 2015
                              Time:-  11:00 a.m to 12:30 p.m
                               Venue:- College Campus.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Heart Awareness program was organized by Fortis Hospital

Tue, Mar 10, 2015 at 1:39 PM
Heart Saving Tips explained By Dr.Paramdeep Singh Sandhu
Ludhiana, 10th March, 2015: (Shalu Arora//Punjab Screen): 
Heart Awareness program was organized by Fortis Hospital, Ludhiana. More than­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ 80 patients and their relatives attended the programme. Separate rounds of Interaction were held and a lot of queries regarding Heart problems were resolved. The whole session was followed by question-answer round on various scenarios of daily life.
Programme was held under the supervision of Dr.Sandhu. Giving information regarding heart attack and their causes Dr.Paramdeep Sandhu Consultant Cardiology, Fortis Hospital, Ludhiana said
Forty per cent patients with heart attacks in India are less than 40 years of age. In contrast, only 4 per cent patients with heart attacks in Caucasians are less than 40 years of age.
Regular exercise for at least 30 minutes every day, consuming 5 to 6 servings of fruits and green vegetables, consuming 1 to 2 alcoholic drinks per day give protection against heart attacks.
Smoking more than 20 cigarettes or bidis per day increase the risk of heart attack by 5 times, 10 to 19 cigarettes or bidis increases the risk by 3 times. Quitting smoking at any age nullifies this risk in 3 years. Even reducing smoking to a minimum helps.
If you are a diabetic your chance of having a heart attack in the next 7 years is 10 times more than a non-diabetic, everything remaining the same.
All diabetics more than 30 years of age must take 75 mgs of aspirin, atorvastatin or simvastatin in appropriate dose and measures to keep blood pressure less than 130/80 mms Hg besides a meticulous sugar control under medical supervision. This minimises the heightened risk.
Psycho-social stress is an important risk factor in the causation of heart attacks. It leads to increased secretion of adrenalin, chronic stress raises the blood pressure, invites diabetes and constricts the arteries of heart.
Pollution with finely particulated fumes leads to heart attacks. These fumes bypass the filtration process of the lungs and set up inflammation at vulnerable points in blood vessels, especially of the heart, and can lead to sudden clotting of blood leading to a heart attack.
Illnesses like influenza, common during season change, may cause heart attack in high risk individuals. Inflammation produced by these illnesses can lead to swelling spreading to arteries of the heart and lead to heart attacks. The smoke and smog in these seasons, especially during winter, is also unhealthy for the heart.
The first few hours after sustaining a heart attack are crucial for recognition and treatment. Treating a heart attack within first 2 to 3 hours can reduce the chances of dying from 15 per cent to 3 per cent.
One tablet of aspirin chewed as soon as possible after a heart attack reduces the chances of dying by 15 per cent. Even a strong suspicion of a heart attack (chest discomfort lasting for more than 10 to 15 minutes associated with shortness of breath, profuse sweating etc) is enough evidence to administer this wonder drug.
The normal blood pressure at all ages is less than 120/80 mms Hg. Every 20 mms increase in systolic and 10 mms diastolic pressure beyond this level doubles the risk of a heart attack and stroke.
Reducing BP by 2 mms Hg reduces the chance of dying of a heart attack by 7 per cent and brain stroke by 10 per cent.
Low levels of good cholesterol (HDL cholesterol) are associated with higher chance of getting a heart attack. Forty per cent Indians have low levels of HDL cholesterol. The levels of less than 40 mgs in men and 50 mgs in women are defined as low levels.
Increasing HDL cholesterol reduces this heightened risk. 1mg increase in HDL cholesterol is associated with 6% reduction in dying from a heart attack.
Methods to increase HDL cholesterol are regular exercise, weight reduction, and increase in consumption of omega 3 fatty acids (olive oil, mustard oil, almonds, walnuts, cold water fish like salmon, trout etc) and alcohol in moderation.
Also present on the occasion were Mr.Vivan Gill, Facility Director, Dr.Harpreet Brar, Admin Head, Fortis Hospital, Ludhiana.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Colorful and Safe Superhit holi party in Mumbai

Urvashi Dholakia,Jassi Kaur and Dolly Bindra were also present 
Mumbai:09th March,2015(Sridevi Shetty Wagh):
Most Memorable  and biggest HolI Event.It was a colorful Holi event "FLYIN COLORS -Get High on holi" dated 6th March,2015 at Juhu,opp.Pvr Cinema ground with the crowd of almost 5000 to 6000 pax enjoying to the fulliest. We could hear superhit songs of Bollywood with live DJ's from well known DJ's and singer Ramji Gulati,DJ Rink and DJ Makasi along with celebrity Host Rohit Verma.
One of the biggest and unique Holi party event which started in the Morning at 10am and was on till 7pm with Live Match,Food ,Rain Dance and Spa.We had an amazing Security Agency"Leo Security & Facility Services" who provided 100 bouncers durind the event  without which it would have been difficult to manage such a huge and massive crowd...Event was so smooth going.Thanks to Leo Security Team Mr.Sagoon Wagh,Rajesh Maria and ACP Feroze Patel who were present themselves from start till the party ended to ensure safety of the crowd present at the ground and Mumbaikars!
We had many well known Television artist present at the Event like Urvashi Dholakia,Jaasi Kaur,Dolly Bindra,Vishal,Apurva and Shilpa Shuklani,Kaushal Tandon,Juhi Parmar and Sachin Shroff who were really enjoying and dancing.It was a colorful and Safe Superhit holi party.