Monday, March 14, 2016

Police has been politicized-CPI

Some victims spoke of their grievances before media
Ludhiana: 14 March 2016: (Punjab Screen Bureau):
In the present days the situation of Law and order has deteriorated. Police which is supposed to be the guards of Public in general and labourers and dalit class, down trodden people in particular has become danger for them. Police has been politicized. Communist Party of India has been supporting and siding cause of the depressed and oppressed people who have been the target of unjustified excesses of police. False complaints are being registered against poor labourers and dalit people, extracting money from the pockets and thrashing them has become the daily routine matters of the local police. When the victims of excesses approach the police, lodging of the complaints are denied under the pressure of influential politicians. There is lot of hue and cry among the people because of this nexus between a section of the police, politicians and goonda elements.  The poor people are kidnapped and are forced to sign on the blank papers by the land mafia who grab the land of the poor people who have with hard labour saved a few pennies and are robbed of this. The mafia also indulge in throwing the goods of the household forcibly, they deny giving receipts for the rent. Even accident deaths are not taken care of properly by the police and proper investigation is not done. The victims of excesses by the criminals are illegally detained in the police stations. CPI activists have even met as deputation to the higher police officials but to no avail. In a press conference today some victims spoke of their grievances and no inquiries have been done into their complaints despite several deputations.  Twenty such cases were presented in the press conference which were from different areas of the city and different police stations. 
 lodging of the complaints are denied by the police to victims of excesses

NASA Administrator Pays Tribute to Astronaut Scott Kelly

Mon, Mar 14, 2016 at 10:14 PM
We will never forget the 700 stunning images he posted
The following is a statement from NASA Administrator Charles Bolden on the retirement of astronaut Scott Kelly:
“When the first Americans set foot on Mars, they will be following in the footsteps of one of the finest astronauts in the history of the space program, my friend, Commander Scott Kelly.  After spending an American record 520 days in space – including his Year in Space – I can think of no one more deserving of some well-deserved rest and time on the same planet as his family and friends. 

“All of us in the NASA family -- and indeed in the broader scientific community -- are grateful that he was willing to sacrifice time with his loved ones, meals that don’t come in a bag, a cold beer, hot showers, cool autumn breezes, the sounds of birds chirping, the ability to lay his head on an actual pillow and so much more of the pleasures of life during his year of research and experimentation the International Space Station.

“We will never forget the 700 stunning images he posted to social media, the leadership he demonstrated as ISS Commander for the last six months and, most of all, the impact that all his missions and years of service will continue to have on our Journey to Mars.”