Thursday, November 5, 2015

Bir Memorial Oration on 7th November at New Delhi

Thu, Nov 5, 2015 at 8:16 PM
Late Sardar Ragbir Singh Bir was a known freedom fighter
New Delhi: 5th November, 2015: (Punjab Screen Bureau):          
Gurmat Prachar Trust and Atam Science Trust, New Delhi are holding the 31stBir Memorial Lecture on Saturday 7th November, 2015 at 4.00 PM at the Auditorium of India International Centre, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi.
Late Sardar Ragbir Singh Bir was a known freedom fighter, a Sikh Scholar, A Writer, an educationist and Gursikh.
Dr. Jaspal Singh, Vice Chancellor of Punjabi University, Patiala, a noted Sikh Scholar will deliver a lecture on “ Sri Guru Granth Sahib – A Scripture for Humanity”.
You are  requested to depute your correspondent to cover the event.  An Invitation Card is attached alongwith this letter.  We shall be grateful for your cooperation.

Traffic-Free Zone with ‘Big Streets’ on November 8, 2015

Thu, Nov 5, 2015 at 3:14 PM
Event by CT Group of Institutions and The Body Temple 
Ludhiana: 5 November2015: (Punjab screen Bureau):
After receiving the roaring response at Jalandhar, CT Group of Institutions in association with The Body Temple has again come up with its much hyped and acknowledged event ‘Big Streets’ to celebrate the togetherness in the fresh air on Sunday (November 8, 2015) morning at Rakh Bagh road (Civil Lines). This time Punjab’s first ever event of its kind will galvanize the Ludhianivis to participate in a shared vision of an active and healthy way of life.
The press conference was addressed by Mr. Gaurav Khanna (Head, Public Relations at CT Group of Institutions), Ms. Ruchi Bawa (Cultural Secretary, Sutlej Club), Mr. Abhimanyu Bajaj and Mr. Prateek Bajaj, Founders of The Body Temple.
Mr. Gaurav Khanna (Head, Public Relations at CT Group of Institutions) said, “It has been learned that Pollution is increasing everyday in the city with the increasing number of vehicles. With this activity, we would try to encourage and motivate people to ditch their car for short distances and manage to use public transport, bicycles or even try to walk as these can save environment and make them healthier.” He informed that on the day one or more streets of Rakh Bagh road (Civil Lines) from 6.30am to 9.30am onwards will be cordoned off for the citizens. They could only use the streets for recreation that promotes health, wellbeing, fitness, togetherness and joy.
The event is all about opening streets to people, sharing resources, transforming communities. The traffic won't be allowed for three hours as residents will reform their roads as open-air dance studios, art hubs, gymnasiums and yoga institutes. There will be Body Yoga, Body Aerobics, Body Zumba & Body Bakwa, Bhangra on Live Dhol, Tug of War, Open DJ, Badminton, Rope Skipping, Soccer, Karate and many more. 
Ms. Ruchi Bawa (Cultural Secretary, Sutlej Club) said, “This is truly a commendable initiative by CT Group of Institutions. Their event has won accolades in Jalandhar now they are organizing in Ludhiana and we are highly thankful to them for taking the support of Sutlej Club.”
Mr. Prateek Babaj (Founder, The Body Temple) said, “Achieving great success at Jalandhar, this event will also encourage the Ludhianivis about the fact that cities are meant for people but not cars. People will really enjoy this initiative.”

Press Conference addressed by-  
·         Mr. Prabh Gill (Punjabi Singing Sensation)
·         Mr. Gaurav Khanna (Head, Public Relations at CT Group of Institutions)
·         Ms. Ruchi Bawa (Cultural Secretary, Sutlej Club)
·         Mr. Prateek Bajaj (Founder, The Body Temple)

·         Mr. Abhimanyu Bajaj (Founder, The Body Temple)