Monday, July 10, 2023

Jakhar reached flood victims before the coronation

 Monday 10th July 2023 at 5:26 PM 

Jakhar Reached flood victims to know ground zero reality

*Before officially taking over It was act to come more close the peolples 

*BJP workers asked to make every possible effort to help the flood affected people 

Mohali: 10th July 2023: (Kartika Singh//Punjab Screen Desk)::

The incessant rain was not taking the name of stopping. There was water like canals in every street. In such a situation, an media message came that the newly appointed BJP state president is reaching Chandigarh a day before his coronation, but this sudden visit is to know the flood victims of Kharar area. The aim was to reach out to those people who were sold expensive houses, cottages and flats by building residential enclaves on the land on the river. 

These people are now feeling cheated. The houses built with their lifetime's earnings were washed away in the surge that came with the very first hit of rain. When its time came, the river showed its formidable form with anger to those who occupied its land. 

The victims of the Panchwati  Enclave Kharar were also angry and sad. Senior BJP leader and former MP Sunil Jakhar, who entered the fray even before assuming the post of state BJP president, visited the flood-affected areas of Kharar on Monday and took stock of the situation. He went deep into the Kharar and reached those areas which were completely inundated and the threat was constant.

He warned the Punjab government to be prepared for the worst also becauset the rains were unrelenting and the situation was becoming increasingly critical in some areas. Sunil Jakhar urged the state government to provide all possible help to the needy. Appealing to ensure that lakhs of our people are suffering due to incessant rains in the state and many of them are in danger of losing their lives. 

The state government should be serious. He said that many districts of Punjab are facing heavy losses due to floods. In such a situation, it is the duty of all of us to stand with the flood affected families and do everything possible to deal with this situation. Zakhar listened very carefully to every sorrow of the people. Saw their devastation very closely by meeting them. The people around him looked very eager to see him. Perhaps for the first time someone has understood his sorrow.

On this occasion, Jakhar requested the administration to immediately implement the evacuation plan and ration scheme to take the people trapped in the water to safe places in case of heavy rains in the coming days. 

He said that it is necessary to ensure timely evacuation and make advance arrangements for the stay of the people. The routine life of common people seemed to be in complete disarray. On their expectations, fire water had discolored their every color. Jakhar, who reached out to him in this hour of grief and sorrow, said that the people of Kharar have expressed fear of losing their houses and valuables as the administration has issued vebal notices to them to vacate their houses in low-lying areas. 

The safety of their life and property should be ensured till the situation returns to normal. He said that this is not the time for fault-finding and it is important that everyone comes together to ensure the safety of the people. 

The senior BJP leader called upon all political parties to protect their people in view of this grave situation. If it is not dealt with properly now, then this tragedy will cause huge loss to the people of our state. Taking a serious note of the crisis, Jakhar said that this is the time to be vigilant and face any crisis with full preparedness. It's time to be ready. There should be no laxity in this. Jakhar urged the BJP leaders and workers to coordinate with the local authorities and make every effort to extend all possible help to the needy.

Senior leaders Balbir Singh Sidhu, Gurpreet Singh Kangar, Arvind Khanna, State Secretary Parminder Brar, District President Sanjeev Vashisht, Kamal Saini etc. were also present with Jakhar during his visit to the flood affected area. BJP's state spokesperson Anil Sareen had specially arrived from Ludhiana in his convoy. Mr. Jakhar's convoy stopped among these people for about an hour and after a brief meeting with the media, left to see other flood affected areas. 

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