Saturday, March 18, 2017

"These forces have turned patriotism into narrow nationalism"

Hidden agenda behind "nationalism" was exposed in the seminar
Ludhiana: 18 March 2017: (Pardeep Sharma IPTA//Punjab Screen)::
The forces in power who sided with the British during freedom struggle are now completely distorting the ideals for which great martyrs of our country laid down their lives. This was said by Prof. Jagmohan Singh while addressing a seminar organized by the Communist Party of India today under the presidentship of Com Charan Sarabha and Com Gurnam Gill at Shaheed Karnail Singh Isru Bhawan Ludhiana to commemorate and pay homage to the 87th martyrdom day of Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev. These forces have turned patriotism into narrow nationalism and are constantly working on the theory of Hitler to purge the minorities and all those who disagree with them. Killing of Dabolkar, Pansare, and Kulbargi are glaring examples of this. In addition killing of Akhlaq and merciless beating of Dalits in Una are some things unimagined by the martyrs who dreamt of a secular democratic India with socio-economic justice to all. When the people from all sections, classes including youth, women, workers and peasants of the whole country were up in arms against the British, the RSS and its outfits were eulogizing their masters. It is pertinent to mention here that their ideologue Golvalkar had called upon Hindus not waste energy against the British but to save it to fight against the Muslims, Christians and the Communists. It is an irony that Godse who killed Gandhi is being projected as a great person and even temples are being made in his memory. Savarkar, the only person whom they glorify for his going to Andaman Jail, had begged mercy from the British to release him so that he could work in unison with them, said Prof Jagmohan Singh. It is well known that Savarkar had given the theory of Hindus and Muslims as two separate nations, which had laid the basis of the partition of the country. Since peoples from all communities fought for the freedom of the country, the communal forces lost badly in the elections immediately after independence. But the capitalist mode of development was fraught with problems of inequality and injustice. A time came when the privy purses were abolished and banks and coal mines were nationalized. But all such pro-people steps were opposed by the RSS and its outfits. Addressing the meeting Com Kartar Singh Bowani, District Secretary of the Party said that these reactionary forces are working on the lines of Hitler who was built by the then corporate. Similarly, the present corporate is building Modi as a messiah for all ills. Dr. Arun Mitra, Asstt.Secretary said that the forces of Hindutva are speaking lies on the lines of Goebbels, the propaganda secretary of Hitler. Their lies are getting exposed. Despite all their efforts, they have not been able to include the name of Kanhaiya in the events at JNU. But the hounding of Gurmehar, daughter of a great martyr of this country, is a very serious matter which has to be condemned.   But India is not Germany. We have immense diversity which will save our country. Our people have an anti-imperialist history and history of assimilation. Com D P Mur Asstt. Secretary district unit cautioned that it is unfortunate that in spite of opposition by the secular and nationalist forces, the reactionary forces, under the leadership of Narinder Modi has come to power by managing the system. The examples of Goa and Manipur are clear cut defiance of the verdict given by the people. False slogans cannot solve the problems.  For more Pics Please Click Here
They will defeat such forces. City secretary of the CPI Com Ramesh Rattan said that there is a need for a broad consensus and constant movement to defeat these communal, obscurantist and parochial forces to save the Indian nation.
A book was written by Kanhaiya Kumar FROM BIHAR TO TIHAR was released on the occasion. For more Pics Please Click Here
Others who addressed include  Com Gurnam Sidhu, Dr. Gulzar Pandher, Com Kewal Banwait, Com Chamkaur Singh, Com Lalit Kumar, Com Kameshwar.

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