Sunday, May 7, 2017

Defeat forces of communalism and hatred-CPI

Save harmony, unity and secular values of Indian society
Ludhiana: 7th May 2017: (Punjab Screen Team)::
Whatever they may do, people of India will not let the efforts of communalists of any brand using any religion as the cover for their nefarious designs to create social disharmony and split the society with the motive to establish a theocratic state succeed. This is because our people fought together irrespective of religion, caste, creed or gender to overthrow the British imperialism when the RSS and its outfits not only did not fight against the British rather connived with them. Our constitution guarantees right to freedom of speech and life with dignity to all its citizens and these hard earned rights will not be allowed to be taken away. This was said by Com. Amar Jeet Kaur, national secretary of the Communist Party of India (CPI) while addressing a seminar to commemorate the victory over fascism and challenges & resistance to such tendencies in present-day India. She said that Fascism was at its peak in the 1930s in Germany, Italy and Japan. Supported by the corporate sector, rights of freedom were fully curbed and any kind of dissent was not allowed. This caused holocaust killing lakhs of people, the Jews, Communists, Socialists, Trade Unionists and ordinary people in Germany. Second world war resulted in the death of over 5.5 crore people. But ultimately these forces were defeated and 9th May is observed as the day of victory of fascism. Such tendencies are being witnessed in our country these days. The BJP has resorted to the Gobbelian theses of - "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it." The RSS guided BJP used this thesis during elections as well as during demonetization with the help of a section of media. But all the promises made have fallen flat; Rs.15 Lakh in every pocket has not been met with. The promise of the generation of 2 crore jobs has turned out to be totally false as only 1.35 lakhs could be generated. Price rise continues in the same way; corruption is at its peak and incidents like Vyapam in which 47 people have been killed; a case of fraud by Lalit Modi; Vijay Mallya's running away under the nose of the government are some big examples. To hide its failure there is all out effort to divert the issue in the name of Cow protection or building Ram Mandir. Prime Minister's rhetoric that demonetization will end terrorism has been totally belied. Kashmir is in the worst situation in its history. Borders have become tense. But the government is out to spread jingoism and war-mongering not realising that any war between India and Pakistan could lead to nuclear disaster.   Minorities are being persecuted in the name of cow protection, love jihad or religious conversions. Same is true of their approach towards Dalits. Now the reports that even Hindus taking cows for milking have been targeted. All those who give dissent are labelled as anti-nationals and are even eliminated. Universities are being targeted and students movements raising their demands are being dubbed as anti-nationals. But our country which has grown on values of democracy and respect for all religions and inhibits people from diverse ethnic groups will not let this continue for long. She further said that fundamentalists and communalists of each brand supplement each other’s efforts thus further endangering communal feelings among the majority community. This has to be fought back vociferously. But for this we need unity at the broader level she said.
Speaking on the occasion Com Kartar Singh Bowani District Secretary of the party said that such events need to be organised at several places.
Dr Arun Mitra Asstt. Secretary of the district unit of the CPI said that we have to struggle hard against the ideology of hatred as being spread by the RSS and it outfits and builds our country based on love and brotherhood of all human beings.
Com Ramesh Rattan City secretary said that party will organise such events at different places.     
Others who spoke on the occasion include Com D P Maur, Com Gurnam Sidhu, Com Gulzar Goria, Com Charan Sarabha and Com Kewal Singh Banwait. 

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