Tuesday, April 30, 2013

International Labor Day

May Day Conference to be held in Ldh PUDA grounds 
Workers’ organizations have called upon all workers-laboring masses-youthto participate in the conference
Ludhiana: 30 April 2013: International Labor Day is call to all workers-laboring masses of the world for waging a united struggle against every type of exploitation. On the occasion of 128th International Labor Day tomorrow (1st May), May Day Conference is being organized by Karkhana Mazdoor Uinon, Punjab (KMU) and Textile-Hosiery Kamgar Union, Punjab (TKMU) in PUDA grounds Ludhiana. TKMU president Rajwinder said that large no. of people from workers-laboring masses and youth will gather for the conference. He said that May Day Conference is not just a formality for them. Today, laboring people are being exploited and oppressed barbarically. There is no big mass movement against these atrocities. In such times, remembering the revolutionary legacy of May Day and by taking inspiration from it, building the future path for changing the present inhumane conditions is the only right way to commemorate the May Day.
            During the program, comrades in the leadership of the workers’ organizations will speak on the history and relevance of May day in present times, and also on the economic-political-social conditions of country and world today. The speakers will also discuss that in such situation exploited and oppressed can follow which path today when the whole system is rotting from head to foot.
            Comrade Rajwinder also said that organizations affiliated to many parliamentary vote-seeking parties hire the B-grade singers and make the orchestra girls to dance to gather the crowd on the occasion of May Day. The May Day Conference will oppose and expose such practices and will take forward the revolutionary ethos of May Day. There will be a cultural program comprising of revolutionary songs & plays. He said that it is very important to bring forward the alternative to the ugly, vulgar & consumerist culture served to the masses by the capitalist media.
            KMU and TKMU have called upon all the workers-youth who want to bring a change to take part in the conference.
President, KMU, Punjab.
Mobile No.- 9646150249

Friday, April 19, 2013

Three days festival at Peerkhana from tomorrow

Gurdas Mann and Hamsar Hayat are main attraction
 All is set for the religious cum Sufi event at the New Aggarwal Peerkhana Ground Kakowal road, Ludhiana. This three days event will start from April 20 and remain continue till April 23, 2013. Organizing committee has also invited known sufi singer Gurdas Maan, Hamsar hyaat Nijami, Anees Sabri, Shakeel Sabri, Sardar Ali, Amit Dharamkoti, Rakesh Radhe, Lalit Goyal, Tony Sultan. Sufi Anchor Hemant Walia will conduct the stage. This is the common place for the devotees related to all casts and creed. Head priest of this Darbar Banti Baba  listened the problems of devotees advice the remedies with the instruction that devotee should must avoid liquor and other ways of corruption in business and moral. Known Akali leader Heera Singh Gabria, Veteran BJP leader Rajinder Bhandari, Shree Ram Leela Committee  Dresi ground have assured active support and presence in the  function. Shobha Yatra will take place on April 20, 2013 and Sufi Singing is scheduled for April 21 and 22, 2013. Chader ceremony will take place on April 21 at 10:30 AM, flag ceremony will be held at 11:00 AM, Main attraction ceremony cake ceremony is scheduled for 01:00 PM and Mehandi will take place at 4:00 PM on the same day. Long awaited musical event Sufi mehfil will start on April 21 at 5:00 PM. A small piece of land  about three acre has been decorated for  the audience. 
All arrangements have been made for the reaching sangat, CCTV cameras installed for the safety and security from anti social elements.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ludhiana City Stroke Registry

Ludhiana, 18th April, 2013:(Shalu Arora and Rector Kathuria):The department of neurology at Christian Medical College is conducting a “Population based stroke registry survey” sponsored by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). The epidemiology of stroke is well studied in the developed world. However, stroke in the developing world is less well studied. There is evidence that stroke incidence rates in developing countries have increased by more than 100% during the last four decades. Hence the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) initiated this unique National Task Force Project in Ludhiana since August 2010.

A stroke, also called ‘brain attack’ occurs when the vessels supplying blood to the brain is blocked. This results in the death of the brain cells. Depending on the area of the brain involved and the extent of brain cell death, the specific body functions such as speech, movement or memory may be affected. A stroke may be ischemic or hemorrhagic. Ischemic stroke: This is caused when a clot blocks a blood vessel in the brain shutting off the blood flow. Hemorrhagic stroke: This is caused by the rupture of a blood vessel in the brain.

The findings of the stroke registry has brought Ludhiana in the middle of the stroke storm hitting the world. The annual incidence of stroke in the city during the year 2011-12 is 162.3/100,000 lakh , which is the highest in the country. The number of first ever stroke patients identified till now in Ludhiana are 6840 with residents in the age group 18-45 being 20%. Hypertension was the most common risk factor followed by intake of desi ghee, diabetes and alcohol consumption. This suggests that the city has entered the “health transition” which includes the rapid socioeconomic growth, changes in lifestyle, stress and diet which increases the risk of stroke among the city residents.

All the major city health facilities are contributing in this registry but some patients are likely to have sought treatment outside the city due to any reason. To further improve the quality of data the Department of Neurology, CMC will offer free check-up to stroke patients who had received treatment outside the city of Ludhiana from August 2010 till March 2013. Please contact the undersigned for further details: Dr.Jeyaraj Pandian at 9915784750;  Dr.Shweta Jain:9855334242

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Today was fourth day and Tomorrow is the last day
Ludhiana (Gulzar Singh Pandher) P.A.U. Employees Union (Recognized) is holding sports mela since last 10 April 2013 game of Cricket is being played to-day. Matches of Badminton, Table Tennis, Football, Volleyball, Hockey were finalized upto yesterday. These sports are organised under the leaderships of Senior Vice President and Vice President of the Union Sh. Baldev Singh Walia, Lakhminders Singh Sandhu, Gurmail Singh Tung and Manmohan Singh.
Tomorrow i.e. 17 April 2013 shall be the last day of these sports. And tomorrow accept matches of Kabbadi athletics of men and women; races, throws jumps and tug of war shall be performed. Three leg race, lemon spoon race, musical chairs games of women shall be the special attraction.  Tomorrow morning Registrar of P.A.U. Dr. P.K. Khanna and Comptroller P.A.U., Sh. A.C. Rana shall inaugurate the sports  by hosting the flag of sports and shall remain present in the matches of Kabbadi and Athletic Games. 
P.A.U. Employees Union's Ex-General Secretary, Amrit Pal Singh thanks the employees, sports person and officers of the University to spare the time for games. He said games promote work culture. President of the Union S. Paramjit Singh Gill and General Secretary of the union Dr. Gulzar Singh Pandher appealed to the employees to participate in the sports mela. They told that Vice-Chancellor of P.A.U. allowed the staff to participate in the games mela from 10 AM to 12 PM. Organization of the games is being done with sportsman spirit and team spirit. The Executive Members S. Jarnail Singh (Cashier) Parveen Garg, (Joint Cashier) Lal Bahadur Yadav, (Secretary) and Gurpreet Singh Dhillon, Kuldeep Singh, Jai Pal, Harmander Singh, Hardev Ghaloti, Mohan Lal, Jaswinder Singh Gholia, Narinder Singh Sekhon are working with full coordination for the performance of the games. 

Gulzar Singh Pandher
General Secretary
P.A.U. Employees Union 

Friday, April 12, 2013

CPI rally at Ludhiana

Solidarity with the brave struggle of Jagatsinghpur 
The Ludhiana district unit of the Communist Party of India held a rally in solidarity with the brave struggle that is going on against the Central and State government move to hand-over 4000 acre of fertile agricultural land at Jagatsinghpur district, (Odisha) near the Paradeep Part to a South Korean transnational corporation, POSCO for a steel plant, displacing several thousand families who have been earning their livelihood for near a century. Hundreds of workers carrying placards condemned state repression on the peaceful agitators and demanded immediate cancellation of false cases against CPI national council member Abhay Sahu and others, suitable payment to those killed and injured by the police, stop evicting people from the area, proper compensation to the land owners and ensure that the environment considerations/obligations are met with. Addressing the gathering Com Kartar Singh Bowani Distt. Secretary said that our government is out to sever the interest of foreign Multi National Corporations while completely ignoring the local population. Dr Arun Mitra Asstt. Secretary said that the neoliberal economic policies pursued by the governments have led to huge widening of gaps in the society with net income of vast majority of our population falling down continuously. Increase in prices of essential commodities is deliberate as a result of these policies. He also condemned the rise in power tariff by the Punjab govt. and termed it like adding fuel to the fire of people’s problems. This must be rolled back he  said.  Com D P Maur Asstt. Secretary said that the people’s resentment against these policies has been widely reflected in the two days trade union strike on 20 and 21 February. But the government instead of talking to the working class is holding meetings with the elite. Others who addressed include Com O P Mehta, Com Gulzar Goria, Com Gurnam Gill.

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Rejection of Devinder Pal Bhullar’s plea by the Supreme Court

PUDR strongly denounces the dismissal 
Awarding death penalty to a person mentally unstable is a crime against humanity
PUDR strongly denounces the Supreme Court’s dismissal this morning of Devinder Pal Singh Bhullar’s plea for commutation of the death sentence awarded to him to life. The issues at stake in this dismissal are multiple, that of clemency, death penalty, miscarriage of justice and precedence.

Bhullar was sentenced to death in 2003 for carrying out a bomb blast outside the Delhi Youth Congress office which killed nine people in 1993. He has been deemed mentally unstable. The High Court’s decision of upholding the death sentence was not a unanimous decision. After he was given the death sentence by the Supreme Court, he appealed to the then President of India for clemency in 2003. The President, after a lapse of over eight years, dismissed his mercy plea in 2011. Bhullar had sought commutation of his death penalty to life sentence by the Supreme Court on the ground that there was inordinate delay by the President over his plea for clemency.

The principle of jurisprudence lays down that a person cannot be punished twice for the same crime. Bhullar has already served 12 years in jail and now the consequent execution would strictly violate this principle of jurisprudence. Prolonged incarceration of a death row convict awaiting his execution qualifies as cruelty and violates Article 21 of the Indian Constitution.

Ideally there should have been a norm governing the delay in judicial processes and the relief granted thereof. In some instances, convicts have received relief for delays of 2 years, two and a half years, etc.In  T.V.Vatheeswaran vs. State of Tamil Nadu (1983) 2 SCC 68 and Ediga Anamma vs. State of Andhra Pradesh (1974) 4 SCC 443 it has been held that a delay of two years was permissible beyond which the sentence ought to be converted to life.  In Bhagwan Bux Singh & Anr. vs. The State of U.P. (1978) 1 SCC 214 similar observations were made with respect to a delay of two and a half years and in Sadhu Singh vs. State of U.P. (1978) 4 SCC 428 to a delay of three and a half years. Whereas, in the present instance, even if the delay in handing over the penalty (rejection of clemency) is 12 years, the convict is not entitled for any relief.

It is appalling to note that Supreme Court in its rejection of mercy plea has disregarded the mental health of Bhullar. Awarding death penalty to a person mentally unstable is a crime against humanity. The Supreme Court order hence stands as a serious miscarriage of justice and also dangerously escalates the possibility of such unjust judicial trends becoming the norm. On 6 April 2013, the Supreme Court in a progressive move ordered a temporary stay on the execution of 8 convicts on death row. Not just the apprehension of the present order in case of Bhullar affecting the fate of other prisoners of death row is daunting; equally alarming is the ambiguous position of Supreme Court on death penalty vacillating between two positions, one of relief due to delay in the delivery process and the other of no relief for the same.

In a democracy that guarantees the right to life as a fundamental life, death penalty should find no rationale. In fact, the state should see the execution of someone in its custody abhorrent. Death penalty is an act of retribution and presents the state as an arbiter of retributive justice. The very notion of justice is lost in the act of taking away a life to avenge the loss of another life. PUDR sees death penalty as a form of state violence and an escalator of a culture of hate. It infuses a sense of vengeance in society and reinforces the cycle of violence.

PUDR, while condemning the dismissal of the SC order, reiterates the dangers of having death penalty as sanctioned form of punishment and puts forward a demand for total abolition of the death penalty.

D. Manjit, Asish Gupta
Secretaries, PUDR

ਪ੍ਰੋਫੈਸਰ ਭੁੱਲਰ ਦੀ ਸਜ਼ਾ ਰੱਦ ਕਰਾਉਣ ਲਈ ਸੰਘਰਸ਼ ਹੋਰ ਤੇਜ਼

2 new British Council test centers announced

A special seminar held for the students by Kapri Institute
Ashwin Pandey of British Council taught the key secrets of English speaking
Life is not easy according to our dreams and imagination. In real life we have to rise and work to fulfill our dreams. We can change our life...and the world also but skill of English speaking is an urgent condition for the success. A seminar cum special training held at Ludhiana by the Kapri Institute of English speaking. Mr. Ashwin Pandey market manager, examination service British Council was the key speaker in the seminar.More than 150 students benefited from this special session. 

Mr. Ashwin Pandey announced that two new British Council IELTS test centres are started in Punjab. From 16the May students can also take tests in Moga and Bathinda with the British Council. He also announced scholarships given by the British Council. He told the students about road to IELTS which is free online training session for all IELTS aspirants. he also guided the candidates about all the steps and modules of IELTS. 

Speaking on the occasion, Anjali Chawla, Head of the Department of IELTS at the Kapri Institute said that teachers are trained by British Council. She said that Kapri has also a test registration centre for the British Council and has already trained more than 16,000 students.

Nitin Chawla, director marketing Kapri Institute said kapri held such workshops every year to help students to update skills. He also thanked Mr. Ashwin Pandey and Miss Harjot Kalsi for delivering the wonderful presentation to the students. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The passing away of Baroness Thatcher

09-April-2013 20:50 IST
PM expressed sincerest condolences

The Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has condoled the passing way of former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Baroness Margaret Thatcher. The Prime Minister in his condolence letter described Baroness Thatcher as a transformative figure of global standing and said that we in India also remember her for her notable contributions to strengthening India –UK relations. 
The text of the Prime Minister's message is as follows: "I was deeply saddened to learn of the passing away of Baroness Thatcher. On behalf of her countless admirers in India as well as the Government of India and on my own behalf, I write to convey to you our sincerest condolences. 

Baroness Thatcher was a transformative figure of global standing. Her skill, character and resolve, which she brought to her job as Prime Minister, have left an indelible impression in many areas of British public life. While the United Kingdom registered important progress under her leadership, we in India also remember her for her notable contributions to strengthening India-UK relations. Our thoughts and prayers in this difficult moment are with you and the family of Baroness Thatcher. We pray for peace for the departed soul." 

Monday, April 8, 2013

100 Gurmat Camps in 30 days

Mon, Apr 8, 2013 at 12:35 PM
Starting from 20th April 2013 in Alwar District of Rajasthan
New Delhi, April 8, 2013: According to information shared by S. Jagminder Singh “100 Gurmat Camps are being organised in 30 days starting from 20th April to 20th May 2013 in Alwar District of Rajasthan, India. Several organizations are part of this grand initiative”.
It is learnt that 30 Days 100 Camps (www.30Days100Camps.com) is first of its kind initiative. Gurmat Camps would be organised in all the 30 Gurdwaras of Alwar City and in about 70Gurdwaras located in the villages in Alwar District. Locations for these 100 Gurmat Camps have been chosen so as to cover the entire 1,00,000(1 lac)+ Sangat of Alwar, including 20,000 children of 250+ Gurdwaras in Alwar District.
“Gurmat Camps would includeScreenings of 4 Sikh Animated & Non-Animated Movies,NaamSimran/ Kirtan, Katha,Gatka Performance, Evaluation Tests, Sikh Activity Booklets, Drawing, Coloring& more Competitions for kids, Lectures & PPTs by Eminent Personalities on several issues, Streetplay on Sikh History, Prize Distribution & much more.
“The motive of the initiative 30 Days 100 Camps is to inspire the Sangat, especially the youth towards the true values of Sikhism. Through this initiative, they would be reaching out to the economically backward Sikligar, Mazhbi, Lubana and Rai Sikhs living in Alwar villages. This would be first-ever Gurmat Camp in more than 90 % of the Alwar villages. Also it would help to carry out a broad survey of all the villages simultaneously along with Gurmat Camps, thus the priority villages can be found out where there is an urgent need to provide school education as well as Gurmat education.
Another motive is to provide Gurmat& Sikh History Books including SRM, Learn Punjabi Books for each Sikh household as there is an acute shortage of Gurmat Books in Alwar.
Another major advantage is, that through this initiative ,several organizations are coming together on a common platform and many have already evinced interest in launching long-term projects for helping out the 1 lac + disadvantaged Sikhs in Alwarthrough empowerment, education, employment &Gurmat”reads a press statement sent to Sikh Siyasat News (SSN) by Jagminder Singh.
“Atleast 4 Teams would be organising Gurmat Camps in 4 different villages simultaneously. Hence, in this way, 100 Gurmat Camps would be organised in a maximum of 30 days” reads the statement.
As per information, several organizations are contributing for this grand initiative. Bhai Mani Singh Sewa Society, Alwar is doing Pre-Camps fieldwork for 2 months & Camps Fieldwork for 1 month. Young Sikh Leaders is bearing all the transportation costs for the Pre-Camps Fieldwork & during the Camps. AllGurdwara.com & United Sewa Society, Jalandhar are doing Pre-Camps Fieldwork along with Camps Fieldwork for 1 month. Also, they are arranging 1 Projector set each.
 DSGMC is providing 29000 Gurmat Books while SGPC is providing 4 Parcharaks & a Movie Van. Sikhs Helping Sikhs & Bibek Trust is providing 20,000 Sikh History Books. Sewak Welfare Society is sponsoringthe printing costs for 40,000 Question Papers.Kalgidhar Trust (Baru Sahib) is sponsoring 200 DVDs of Singh Soorme Animated Movie.
Sarbans daani Sewa Society is sponsoring 5000 Sikh Activity Booklets & 1 Projector Set. Gursikh Education Society is actively lobbying for this initiative & also sponsoring the volunteer jackets & 1 Projector Set. Guru Tegh Bahadur Educational & Charitable Trust is sponsoring 5000 Books (GuruTeghBahadur – Hind di Chaadar).
Kirat World is organising a Seminar for Youth. SikhiSidak.com is providing with Gurmat Books. SikhAwakening.com Team is active in Central Coordination & Website Handling. 
Join 30 Days 100 Camps on Facebook:
www.30Days100Camps.com is a website specifically developed for this initiative where the documentation of all the related work would be done, contributions by each organization and all the photos and videos of all the 100 Gurmat Camps would be showcased on this website. Keep tracking the progress of the initiative on this website.
On last day i.e. 20th May, 2013 we are organising a program at alwar for a grateful participations of all organisations, in which members of all organisation will attend 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Convocation of Govt College of Education

The Union Minister for Railways, Shri Pawan Kumar Bansal at the 57th Annual Convocation of Government College of Education, in Chandigarh on April 06, 2013.