Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Brain injury: innovative ‘CMC-BEDI Turban’ Design

Wed, Jul 17, 2013 at 1:41 PM
Design helps in saving critical patient
Mrs Kuljeet Kaur (name changed) of Sarabha Nagar Ludhiana suffered from a rare disease – a massive swelling (aneurysm) of the arteries in the neck going to her brain and right hand. She had previously suffered a brain attack (stroke). She was now in imminent danger of rupture of the swollen arteries.

She was referred to Dr Harinder Singh Bedi – Head of Cardio Vascular & Thoracic Surgery at the CMC & H Ludhiana. On investigation it was realized that the treatment itself could cause a stroke as the repair of the artery would need a 5 minute time of clamping which would not have been tolerated as the brain was already in jeopardy.  Dr Bedi has trained in advanced cardiovascular techniques at the St Vincents Hospital in Sydney where he has operated upon cases with cooling of the whole body (hypothermia) to preserve organ function. It is a well known fact that any injury is better tolerated if the temperature of the injured organ is lowered. But here the problem was unique as the patient was elderly and the whole body cooling would not have been tolerated. So Dr Bedi then thought of cooling just the brain. He designed a unique cooling turban. This was constructed by Dr Melchi – cardiac anesthetist - and Mr William, Mr Jairus (who are the senior most perfusionists in Punjab) and Mr Mathew. Using their vast experience they were able to put the idea into practice. They made a turban like coil with plastic tubes. These were placed around the patients head after anesthesia. Now cold sterile water was pumped into these coils so that the head alone got cooled. The surgery was now done with the brain temperature low. Additionally Dr Bedi reimplanted a major vessel of the brain – the vertebral artery - so that as much blood as possible was given to the brain – this is a specially tricky and challenging part of the operation and is done very rarely. Mrs   Kaur did well and her brain function was preserved. The other members of the team during the marathon surgery were Dr S Garg, Dr Melchi, Dr Anish, Dr JaiPrakash, Dr Pearl , Dr Amrutha and Dr Rakhi   .

Dr Abraham G Thomas – Director of CMC & H - said that it was with such innovations that Indian surgeons were able to tackle otherwise hopeless cases. Dr Bedi said that they would patent the technique and publish it so that it could be used all over the world to help similar cases.

Dr Bedi can be contacted at 98140-60480 for any clarification

Photo: Dr Harinder Singh  Bedi along with Mr William Prem showing the ‘CMC-Bedi cool turban’  which helped save a patients brain

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