Thursday, July 18, 2013

SPS Apollo hospital introduces

 Fourth generation knee joint implant in Punjab 
Ludhiana, 18 July 2013 - SPS Apollo hospital today introduced the latest knee replacement implant- the PS 150 and surgical technique in the world with the advantage of near normal knee motion and having less of wear and tear. This knee replacement surgery uses a fourth generation knee implant.

Dr Harpreet S. Gill, Senior Consultant and head of Orthopaedics  and Joint replacement at SPS APOLLO Hospital, Ludhiana, stated that only few centers in India have started this type of knee replacement.
Explaining about this knee replacement surgery, Dr Gill said that Indian knee bones are smaller as compared to the knee bones of the westerner’s. For knee replacement surgery, lot of bone had to be cut to fit the knee prosthesis but with this knee implant, less bone is cut, and hence the fit is better, thus promising more motion and stability in the operated knee. The new design- Sigma PS 150 accommodates upto 150 degrees of knee bending and lasts longer, as the wear rate is quite less. He further stated that this type of surgery would be beneficial in the younger and high demanding patients as this would allow them to indulge in light sporting activities and the patient can possibly even sit on the floor.
 Dr JL Briard from France, who is a world authority in the knee replacement surgery, visited the SPS APOLLO Hospital, Ludhiana to initiate this surgery. He stated that in his 35 years of experience, he has seen lot many advancements in knee replacement surgery. The new age implants could last upto 30 years and with the newer mobile bearing technology, the knee rotates upto 20 degrees as it bends, hence mimicking the natural knee motion. “The new implant offers high level bone preservation and can retain most of the vital natural bone, tissue and ligaments.
A workshop and a continuing medical education program has been planned for the Joint replacement surgeons of the region and for the budding Orthopaedic surgeons, where Dr JL Briard would be discussing the latest happenings in the world of Joint replacement surgery.

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