Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Agro Advisory Bulletin by PAU

Tue, Aug 30, 2016 at 5:00 PM
Light to moderate rain/thundershowers likely

Ludhiana, 30 August 2016:: (Punjab Screen Bureau):
Light to moderate rain/thundershowers likely at a few places during the period. During this period, maximum and minimum temperatures are expected to remain between 30-35oC and 22-26oC, respectively. The maximum relative humidity is expected to remain between 64-86% and minimum between 37-49% during these days.
       If leaf damage in rice by rice leaf folder reaches 10 % (ETL) then spray the crop with 20ml of Fame 480 SC or 170g Mortar 75SG or 350 ml of Marktriazo/Sutathion 40 EC or one litre of Carbon/ Durmet/ Force 20 EC or 560 ml of Monocil 36 SL in 100 litres of water per acre. If rice field shows more than 5 per cent dead hearts due to attack of stem borers, spray the crop with 20 ml Fame 480 SC or 170 g Mortar 75 SG or 350 ml Sutathion or 560 ml of Monocil 36 SL or one litre of Coroban/Dursban/Lethal/Chlorguard/Durmet/Classic/Force 20 EC in 100 litres of water per acre. The Sheath blight also starts appearing on rice varieties, spray the crop with Amistar Top 325 SC or Tilt/ Bumper 25 EC (propiconazole) or Folicur/ Orius 25 EC (tebuconazole) or Moncern 250 EC (pencycuron) @ 200 ml or Nativo 75 WG @ 80 g or Lusture 37.5 SE (flusilazole + carbendazim) @ 320 ml or Bavistan 50 WP (carbendazim) @ 200 gm in 200 litres of water per acre. First spray at boot stage of crop and second after 15 days.
Prevailing weather and age of the rice crop is favourable for the development of false smut of rice. To check the disease give first spray of Kocide 46 DF @ 500 g/acre at booting stage of the crop and second spray of Tilt 25 EC @ 200 ml in 200 litres of water after 10 days.
In Basmati, stem borer is a serious problem. when more than 2% dead hearts or white ears appear, spray Fame 480 SC @20 ml or Mortar 75 SG @ 170 g or Coragen 20 SC @ 60 ml or Monocil 36 SL @ 560 ml or Coroban/Dursban/Lethal/Chlorguard/Durmet/Classic/Force 20 EC one litre or Fipronil 80 % WG @ 15 g in 100 litres of water per acre. In adition to these apply granule insecticides i.e. Ferterra 0.4 GR @ 4 kg/acre or Padan/Caldan/Kritap/Sanvex/Nidan/Marktap/Miftap 4 G @ 10 kg/acre or Regent/Mortel/Mifpro/Mahaveer GR 0.3 % @ 6 kg/acre in standing water.
For the control of white fly in cotton, survey the cotton crop before 10 AM. When whitefly population reaches 6 adults per leaf in the upper canopy of cotton plants spray the crop with Polo/Craze 50 WP@ 200 g/acre or Oberon 240 SC @ 200 ml/acre or Marktriazo/Sutathion 40 EC @ 600 ml/acre or Fosmite/E-mite/Volthion 50 EC @ 800 ml/acre or 500 ml Lano or 80 gm Ulala. For the control of Jassid in cotton, spray 80 g/acre Ulala 50 WG or 40 ml Confidor/Confidence/Imidacel/Markdor 200 SL or 40 g/acre Actara/Extra super/Dotara/ Thomson 25 WG in 125-150 litres of water. If initial symptoms of Parawilt appeared in cotton, spray the affected plants with cobalt chloride @ 1g per 100 litre of water immediately. 
For Ballworms control in desi cotton, the spray should be done when 25 % plants start producing squares and subsequent spray should be done at 10 days interval. In non-Bt cotton spray should be done when Ballworms damage exceeds 5 % among freshly shed fruiting bodies. The crop should be sprayed with Quinalphos 25 EC (Ekalux/GAIG Quinalphos/Quinguard) @ 800 ml/acre or Prophenophos 50 EC (Curacron/Carina/Profex/Celcron) @ 500 ml or Deltamethrin 2.8 EC ( Decs/Rukrain/Dasicare  @ 160 ml or Chlorpyriphos 20 EC ( Coroban/Dursban/Durmet/Radar/Lethal/Chlorguard/Force) or Spinosad 48 SC (Tracer) @ 60 ml or Indoxacarb 15 SC (Avaunt) m@ 200 ml or Chlorantraniliprolr 18.5 SL (Coragen) @ 60 ml per acre using 125-150 litres of water. Repeat the insecticidal spray on ETL basis.
The weather is favourable for fruit rot and die back in chilli. Spray the crop with 750 g of Indofil-M 45 or Blitox in 250 litres of water per acre at 10 days interval during clear days. To contol shoot and fruit borer in brinjal, spray infested plants with 100 ml Sumicidin 20 EC or 200 ml Ripcord 10 EC or 160 ml Decis 2.8 EC or 800 ml Ekalux 25 EC or 500 ml Triazophos 40 EC in 100-125 litres of water/acre. Repeat the spray 3-4 times, if required.
          It is the ideal time for planning and planting of evergreen fruit plants. For the management of fruit drop in kinnow, spray the crop with Ziram 27 SC @ 1250 ml or Propiconazole 25 EC @ 500 ml or Bavistin 50 WP @ 500 gm in 500 litres of water per acre. To manage gummosis in citrus apply 25 g Ridomil Gold per plant in 10 litres of water as soil application and also spray Aliettce 2.5 g/litre of water. The weed infestation is major problem during rainy season. To control weeds apply post emergence application of Glycel 41 SL or Gramaxone 24 WSC @ 1.6 liters per acre in 200 liters of water during this season. Avoid drift of weedicide on fruit plant parts.

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