Friday, October 7, 2016

An Enriching Simulation of the UN for Students

Fri, Oct 7, 2016 at 1:57 PM
Event started on friday at the BCM Arya School
Ludhiana: 7th October 2016: (Punjab Screen Bureau):

Amid much enthusiasm, a three-day Model United Nations (MUN), 2016 convention was kicked off on friday at the BCM Arya School with an aim of providing students a realistic simulation of a diplomatic environment and  enhance their skills of critical analysis and operative dialogue to have them plunge into the issues which plague humanity in today’s world.

Addressing the delegates, Chief Guest Mr. Deepak Vohra, Additional Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs said, “Youngsters today are very keen to learn, talented and vibrant and platforms like these should reach out to each and every nook and corner of our country,” “Many of our problems  are global in nature and  cannot be properly addressed if we act in isolation from other nations.” said  Vohra 
“We need to this world works, in 2016 and the future -- more than ever before because I think that we are still the best choice to lead that world of equals. You need to be ready to do that,” said he.

Featured with 8 different committees and councils, the conference allowed some 500 school level debaters from different schools to don the hats as diplomats and law-makers from all over the world and promised to serve as an enriching learning experience for one and all.
Delegates from Germany and Mexico were also part of  BCM MUN which seamlessly exemplified school’s fundamental conviction of fostering comprehensive front-runners and encouraged participants to frame and pass resolutions on debating issues like UNGA: “Assessing the impact on International peace and security due to the South China issue”, UNSC: Radical Islanic fundamentalism and the threat it poses to International peace and security”, UNHRC: Elimination of all forms of violence against women and children with special emphasis on post conflict areas” and AIPPM: Discussions over implementations of a uniform civil code, discussions over alleged saffronisation of of education.”
The Conference officially opened with speeches by Director General Sonal Sharma along with Gauravdeep, Chief Advisor and Secretary General Mohak Thukral. The attraction of the opening ceremony was the eye-catching Classical Dance Performance which enthralled the audience.
Dr. Paramjit Kaur, the school Principal, in her keynote address said that MUN 2016 would be an extremely important learning experience for students, wherein they understand current affairs, debate techniques and research skills and subsequently giving them a holistic learning experience.  She expressed gratitude towards the Delegates, Executive Board members and members for making this conference a great success. She exhorted the students to do one random act of kindness daily to set the world in right direction.
The three-day conference will test the preparedness of the delegates and their understanding of the countries they represent, as well as the issues under discussion.

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